[Rseding91] [0.17.36] [Modding] deconstruction-item entity_filter_count causes a crash

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[Rseding91] [0.17.36] [Modding] deconstruction-item entity_filter_count causes a crash

Post by SpaceCat-Chan »

ok, so if you create a modded item of the type "deconstruction-item"
and you set it up like this

Code: Select all

Hazard_Selector = {
		type = "deconstruction-item",
		name = "Hazard_Selector",
		icon = "__Hazard-Lights-Selection-Tool__/Hazard-Selector.png",
		icon_size = 32,
		stack_size = 1,
		stackable = false,
		subgroup = "other",
		order = "z[Hazard_Light]-Selector",
		selection_color = { r = 0.5, g = 1, b = 0.5 },
		selection_mode = {"items-to-place", "same-force"},
		selection_cursor_box_type = "entity",
		alt_selection_color = { a = 0 },
		alt_selection_mode = {"nothing"},
		alt_selection_cursor_box_type = "entity",
		can_be_mod_opened = true,
		show_in_library = true,
		entity_filter_count = 32
and pay attention to the entity_filter_count = 32 line
because removing that line causes the bug to no longer appear

now go and start up a game (can be either sandbox or freeplay, does not matter)
take a "Hazard_Selector" item from the blueprint library
put it in your player inventory
now right click on it in your inventory

i expect it to open the filters for the modded deconstruction planner
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Re: [0.17.36] [Modding] deconstruction-item entity_filter_count causes a crash

Post by Rseding91 »

Thanks for the report. The crash was related to setting entity filter count but not tile filter count (or the other way around). It's now fixed for the next version of 0.17.
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