[posila] [0.17.14] Spitter Mistargeting Robot

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[posila] [0.17.14] Spitter Mistargeting Robot

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Here's a screenshot of the incident.
Spitter mistargeting construction robot
Spitter mistargeting construction robot
Spitter Action.png (564.97 KiB) Viewed 1395 times
- Spitter blocking placement of Solar Panel by the Construction Robot, while spitting at ???? (Maybe the robot trying to place, or robot that come to repair the damage)
- First shot by the spitter makes sense. As the projectile would have hit the robot if the robot had not stopped to attempt to place the Solar Panel. However the following shots, I think is where the bug is. The spitter keeps shooting at the same location where it thinks the robot is.

Steps to reproduce:
- load save (WeTransfer Link - https://we.tl/t-VTv0m5mut8)
- Go to location marked
location.png (111.19 KiB) Viewed 1395 times
- Around one second or so into the save, you should be seeing the spitter shooting the way UP instead of down close to where the robot is hovering
- [Bonus] About 16 seconds into the save, the Construction Robot attempting to place the solar panel goes to recharge, and you can see the Spitter trying to reacquire a target. Spitter shoots at a target (solar panel/robot) and then back to the hovering robot and the cycle seems to continue.

Steps to resolve:
- I shot artillery at the spitter. Violence solves all problems and issues..........

More Info:
- Vanilla game, shouldn't have used any commands so far.
- This is the second time it has happened. The first time, there was a big boy biter tagging along which made the mistargeting less obvious.
- Windows 10/PC

If there's any other information required, let me know.


After progressing a bit, I found that robot can't place the Solar Panel because the cliff is blocking placement. Though the Spitter might also be blocking, but regardless the Spitter should not be shooting in that manner I think.

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Re: [posila] [0.17.14] Spitter Mistargeting Robot

Post by posila »

Thanks for nice bug report write up.
Fixed for 0.17.16

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