[Klonan] [0.17.1] Crash when clicking on Space Race in PvP scenario

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[Klonan] [0.17.1] Crash when clicking on Space Race in PvP scenario

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I hosted new multiplayer PvP Scenario in latest experimental [0.17.1], joined the first team and assigned it team "1", assigned the second team "2". I started game, and clicked on "Space Race" in the top left. It did not crash when I left it on the default "Last Silo Standing" mode, but if I deselect Last Silo Standing it crashed when I look at Space Race info.

The game immediately crashed (screenshots)
Log clip:
Error while running event level::on_gui_click (ID 1)
...64_0.17.1/Factorio_0.17.1/temp/currently-playing/pvp.lua:1865: attempt to index field 'silos' (a nil value)"

I expected it to display information on the space race objective without crashing.

I tried generating 3 games and it crashed 3/3 times.

Reproduce steps:
double LMB click factorio.exe [0.17.1]
LMB click play
LMB click multiplayer
LMB click host scenario
LMB click PvP
LMB click Load
LMB click dropdown for map gen
LMB click Railworld
LMB click Play
LMB click Play
//now in pvp menu below:
LMB click Join Team for the first team
LMB click "Team:" box on the first team so it says Team "1" and not Team "-"
LMB click "Team:" box on the second team twice so it says Team "2"
LMB click on "Last silo standing" objective to deselect it
LMB click Start Round
LMB click Space Race on top left
pout at crash (optional)
(2.99 MiB) Downloaded 63 times
(6.84 KiB) Downloaded 59 times
factorio_2019_02_27_13_38_40_643.png (2.4 MiB) Viewed 1231 times
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Re: [Klonan] [0.17.1] Crash when clicking on Space Race in PvP scenario

Post by Klonan »

Thanks for the report,

This is fixed for the next release

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