[Twinsen][0.16.26] Memory cell problem on inserter upgrade (minorish)

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[Twinsen][0.16.26] Memory cell problem on inserter upgrade (minorish)

Post by Wisey » Mon Feb 26, 2018 10:29 pm

I've found a strange problem when upgrading normal inserts to fast inserts when using the inserter to count to a memory cell.

I have a sushi belt for my research labs which counts science packs in and out and it working fine. I've gone to upgrade the inserts to fast inserts and have found the count gets massively out by the time I've finished.

I've tracked it down to when i upgrade the inserts that have 3 or more wires attached to them, this then doubles the count in the memory cell. I am guessing that when the inserter is upgraded it sees the count on the wire for a tick and is added in the memory cell (but only when it has 3 or more wires).

I'm my setup i can just add an extra arithmetic combinator (*+0=*) between the inserters and the memory cells and it fixed the issue.

Saved game attached - if you upgrade inserters for the inner ring of labs (except the far end the problem appears (which all have 3 or 4 green wired attached), but not the outer ones (which only have 1 or 2)

16 bot game.zip
(6.81 MiB) Downloaded 41 times

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Re: [Twinsen][0.16.26] Memory cell problem on inserter upgrade (minorish)

Post by Twinsen » Wed Mar 07, 2018 4:38 pm

Yeah, fast replacing a circuit connected entity will sometimes double the circuit network contents.

Thanks for the report and the save file.
Fixed in Version: 0.16.29.

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