[0.16.18] Caption for sprite button

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Fast Inserter
Fast Inserter
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[0.16.18] Caption for sprite button

Post by _npo6ka_ »

I want to create a sprite button with the text on it, but after attaching the value of the sprite, the text was under the sprite. It seems to me that the text should be on top of the sprite.


Code: Select all

  type = "sprite-button", 
  name = "my_sprite_button",
  style = "slot_button",
  sprite = "hand_icon",
  caption = "123"

  type = "sprite",
  name = "hand_icon",
  filename = "__core__/graphics/hand.png",
  priority = "extra-high-no-scale",
  width = 32,
  height = 32,
  scale = 1,

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Re: [0.16.18] Caption for sprite button

Post by kovarex »

Thanks for the notice, fixed for the next version.

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