[0.16.18] Biter slowly walking in circles in base

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[0.16.18] Biter slowly walking in circles in base

Post by loginformods » Wed Jan 24, 2018 10:05 pm

World has peaceful mode disabled
World was initially created in [0.16.17]

1) What did you do?
First small attack wave (~7 biters) attacked the copper miners on the left of the base
Killed them, then I saw 2 more biters moving slowely on the map, killed one in panic and let the other one live.

2) What happened?
Ran to the last biter and it didn't attack me or the buildings. It just moves slowly in circles.
Made a save at this point. (attached file)

Built a wall enclosure that it didn't attack (just walked against the wall)
Shot a single bullet at the biter. Biter does not aggro (but took normal damage)
At this point I assumed it self tamed and named it "Bity the friendly Biter"

Bity and I
preview.png (703.61 KiB) Viewed 1412 times
3) What did you expect to happen instead? It might be obvious to you, but do it anyway!
Attack player/buildings or retreat

Mod list: no mods

Log: (username/path to steam library removed)

Code: Select all

   0.001 2018-01-24 22:30:19; Factorio 0.16.18 (build 35139, win64, steam)
   0.001 Operating system: Windows 8.1 
   0.001 Program arguments: "D:\EXPUNGED\steamapps\common\Factorio\bin\x64\Factorio.exe" 
   0.001 Read data path: D:/EXPUNGED/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Factorio/data
   0.001 Write data path: C:/Users/EXPUNGED/AppData/Roaming/Factorio [12715/238122MB]
   0.001 Binaries path: D:/EXPUNGED/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Factorio/bin
   0.008 System info: [CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6600 CPU @ 3.30GHz, 4 cores, RAM: 16339MB]
   0.009 Display options: [FullScreen: 1] [VSync: 1] [UIScale: system (100.0%)] [MultiSampling: OFF] [Screen: 0] [Lang: en]
   0.009 Available display adapters: 2
   0.010  [0]: \\.\DISPLAY1 - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 {0x05, [0,0], 1920x1080, 32bit, 120Hz}
   0.010  [1]: \\.\DISPLAY2 - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 {0x01, [1920,0], 1920x1080, 32bit, 60Hz}
   0.010 Create display on adapter 0. Size 1280x720 at position [310, 162].
   0.118 Initialised Direct3D:[0] NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070; driver: nvd3dumx.dll
   0.118 D3DFMT_A8 is not supported format for surfaces.
   0.118 D3DFMT_L8 is not supported format for surfaces.
   0.119   Video memory size (dedicated video/dedicated system/shared system/available): 8053/0/8169/4088 MB
   0.167 DSound: Starting _dsound_update thread
   0.167 DSound: Enter _dsound_update; tid=7816Device reset internal.
   0.171 Desktop composition is active.
   0.171 WARNING: You have vsync and desktop composition enabled on Direct3D. Consider disabling vsync to increase performance on some configurations.
   0.171 Graphics settings preset: extreme
   0.171 Graphics options: [Graphics quality: normal] [Video memory usage: high] [Light scale: 100%] [DXT: false] [Shader: 1]
   0.171                   [Parallel sprite loading: 1] [Max texture size: 0/8192] [Bmp cache: 0] [Sprite slicing: 1] [Low quality rotation: 0]
   0.289 Loading mod core 0.0.0 (data.lua)
   0.302 Loading mod base 0.16.18 (data.lua)
   0.416 Loading mod base 0.16.18 (data-updates.lua)
   0.464 Checksum for core: 559828313
   0.464 Checksum of base: 2437971663
   0.549 Loading sounds...
   0.597 Info PlayerData.cpp:67: Local player-data.json unavailable
   0.597 Info PlayerData.cpp:70: Cloud player-data.json available, timestamp 1516748316
   0.671 Loaded shader file D:/EXPUNGED/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Factorio/data/core/graphics/shaders/game.cso
   0.672 Loaded shader file D:/EXPUNGED/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Factorio/data/core/graphics/shaders/zoom-to-world.cso
   0.672 Loaded shader file D:/EXPUNGED/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Factorio/data/core/graphics/shaders/alpha-mask.cso
   0.684 Initial atlas bitmap size is 16384
   0.692 Created atlas bitmap 16384x5943 [none]
   1.131 Created atlas bitmap 16384x847 [shadow]
   1.155 Created atlas bitmap 16384x682 [decal]
   1.188 Created atlas bitmap 8192x1496 [mipmap]
   1.209 Created atlas bitmap 8192x800 [mipmap, smoke]
   1.221 Created atlas bitmap 8192x2112 [linear-minification, mipmap, terrain]
   1.266 Created atlas bitmap 8192x1036 [no-crop, trilinear-filtering, icon, light]
   1.281 Created atlas bitmap 8192x238 [alpha-mask]
   7.209 Sprites loaded
   7.209 Convert atlas 8192x1496 to: mipmap 
   7.256 Convert atlas 8192x800 to: mipmap 
   7.281 Convert atlas 8192x2112 to: min-linear 
   7.344 Convert atlas 8192x1036 to: trilinear-filtering 
   7.376 Convert atlas 8192x238 to: alpha-mask
   7.550 Custom inputs active: 0
   7.588 Factorio initialised
  10.945 Loading map C:\Users\EXPUNGED\AppData\Roaming\Factorio\saves\16_bug.zip: 5024805 bytes.
  10.973 Loading Level.dat: 8267375 bytes.
  10.976 Info Scenario.cpp:135: Map version 0.16.18-0
  11.127 Loading script.dat: 175 bytes.
  11.130 Checksum for script C:/Users/EXPUNGED/AppData/Roaming/Factorio/temp/currently-playing/control.lua: 3989547216
  38.656 DSound: Stopping voice
  38.656 DSound: Joining thread
  38.660 DSound: Exit _dsound_update; tid=7816
  38.660 DSound: Waiting for voice to stop ... signaled
  38.661 DSound: Joined thread
  38.661 DSound: Destroying thread
  38.661 DSound: Thread destroyed
  38.661 DSound: Releasing buffer
  38.661 DSound: Voice stopped
  38.661 DSound: Deallocating voice
  38.661 DSound: Deallocated voice
  38.675 Steam API shutdown.
  38.680 Goodbye
(4.79 MiB) Downloaded 32 times

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Long Handed Inserter
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Re: [0.16.18] Biter slowly walking in circles in base

Post by Skeletpiece » Thu Jan 25, 2018 3:19 am

loginformods wrote:... named it "Bity the friendly Biter"
:P :lol:

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Factorio Staff
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Re: [0.16.18] Biter slowly walking in circles in base

Post by Oxyd » Thu Jan 25, 2018 1:45 pm

I'm afraid Bity will become rabid again in 0.16.19.

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Manual Inserter
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Re: [0.16.18] Biter slowly walking in circles in base

Post by loginformods » Thu Jan 25, 2018 9:35 pm

We will see about that.
bity2018.jpg (14.61 KiB) Viewed 1195 times
Thanks for the fix though

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Re: [0.16.18] Biter slowly walking in circles in base

Post by dgw » Fri Jan 26, 2018 12:53 am

You're gonna love this menu.


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