[0.16.16] Can't copy logistic network "Connect" checkbox

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[0.16.16] Can't copy logistic network "Connect" checkbox

Post by beiju »

It seems that when copy-pasting between entities (with shift-left and shift-right click), logistic network settings are not copied if the "Connect" checkbox in the copied object's "Logistic Connection" menu is unchecked after setting logistic conditions.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Configure multiple logistic-controllable objects (e.g. inserters) to use a logistic connection by checking the "Connect" checkbox in the "Logistic Connection" section of the object's GUI. You don't need to set a condition -- the bug happens whether you set the condition or not.
2. Uncheck the "Connect" checkbox on one of the objects.
3. Copy the settings from the object you just un-connected to the other object(s).

Expected behavior:

1. The target object(s) are no longer connected to the logistic network, i.e. the "Connect" checkbox is not checked.
2. The condition on the target objects is copied from the source object, even though it is no longer using that condition (so if the checkbox is checked again, the condition is the same as what it had been on the source object before un-checking "Connect" on the source object).

Actual behavior:

1. The logistic connection settings on the target object(s) are unchanged. (Other settings, such as filter inserter's filter, are copied properly.)

This happens with inserters (stack filter, stack, and yellow), pumps, belts, and lamps. I couldn't think of anything else that reads from the logistic network in that way.

I know it sounds obscure, but this actually happened to me when I thought I had disconnected all my train-to-provider-chest inserters after switching what train was coming in to that station. The leftover logistic condition was false, so only the single inserter that I had manually changed was unloading. It changed the filtered item correctly which initially made me rule out a copy-paste error.

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Re: [0.16.16] Can't copy logistic network "Connect" checkbox

Post by posila »

Thanks for the report.
Fixed for 0.16.17

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