[Rseding91] [16.14] Chain Signal doesn't copy circuit network conditions

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[Rseding91] [16.14] Chain Signal doesn't copy circuit network conditions

Post by Nax »

So, I wanted to copy over circuit network conditions from one rail chain signal to the other (shift-RMB to copy and shift-LMB to paste). While it works like it used to on normal rail signals, it doesn't yet work on the rail chain signals.

I noticed this in my normal game, then started a new game (no mods) and it still happens. Probably this functionality simply hasn't been implemented yet.

How to reproduce the bug is easy:

Create a setup like in the screenshot.
screenshot.jpg (173.84 KiB) Viewed 1333 times
Basically you want to hook 2 rail signals and 2 rail chain signals to 1 electric pole. Then set a circuit condition on a rail signal (I used red = T and yellow = T). Try to copy it (shift-RMB the signal) then paste the settings on the other signal (shift-LMB the 2nd signal). Check that it has the modified circuit conditions.

This works perfectly. Now try the same with the rail chain signals. You'll notice it doesn't copy the settings.
rail bug.zip
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Re: [Rseding91] [16.14] Chain Signal doesn't copy circuit network conditions

Post by Rseding91 »

Thanks for the report. It's now fixed for the next version of 0.16.
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