[0.16.15] Crash at trying to make compatible 0.15mod to 0.16

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[0.16.15] Crash at trying to make compatible 0.15mod to 0.16

Post by nastyslave » Tue Jan 09, 2018 4:44 pm

Hello dear devs! First of all- you guys are the best!

Here is a problem. When I trying to relive old 0.14 and 0.15 mod called "Free Real Estate". This mod is perform incredible and deserved to be ported to 0.16. When i started to edit mod's lua-files in previous versions of Factorio (like 0.16.0), game gives me explanated errors, but game don't crashes! Like this:


After update to 0.16.15 - I dont know where is issue in edited mod files at all, because when I trying to place a new Factory building from Free Real Estate mod or enter in Factory (by pressing F key at entrance) , game crashes without giving any information:


Here is the LOG:

Code: Select all

   0.001 2018-01-09 18:07:59; Factorio 0.16.15 (build 34841, win64, alpha)
   0.001 Operating system: Windows 7 Service Pack 1
   0.001 Program arguments: "D:\GAMES\Factorio1615\bin\x64\factorio.exe" 
   0.001 Read data path: D:/GAMES/Factorio1615/data
   0.001 Write data path: C:/Users/SSSD/AppData/Roaming/Factorio [306/32899MB]
   0.001 Binaries path: D:/GAMES/Factorio1615/bin
   0.013 System info: [CPU:        Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50GHz, 4 cores, RAM: 7629MB]
   0.013 Display options: [FullScreen: 1] [VSync: 1] [UIScale: system (100.0%)] [MultiSampling: OFF] [Screen: 255] [Lang: ru]
   0.014 Available display adapters: 1
   0.014  [0]: \\.\DISPLAY1 - Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 {0x05, [0,0], 1366x768, 32bit, 60Hz}
   0.014 Create display on adapter 0. Size 1280x718 at position [33, 7].
   0.047 Initialised Direct3D:[0] Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000; driver: igdumdim64.dll
   0.049   Video memory size (dedicated video/dedicated system/shared system/available): 512/0/1248/1756 MB
   0.074 DSound: Starting _dsound_update thread
   0.074 DSound: Enter _dsound_update; tid=2468
   0.075 Device reset internal.
   0.077 Desktop composition is active.
   0.077 WARNING: You have vsync and desktop composition enabled on Direct3D. Consider disabling vsync to increase performance on some configurations.
   0.077 Graphics settings preset: medium-with-low-vram
   0.077 Graphics options: [Graphics quality: low] [Video memory usage: all] [Light scale: 25%] [DXT: false] [Shader: 1]
   0.077                   [Parallel sprite loading: 1] [Max texture size: 0/4096] [Bmp cache: 1] [Sprite slicing: 1] [Low quality rotation: 1]
   0.144 Loading mod settings creative-mode-fix 0.0.15 (settings.lua)
   0.149 Loading mod core 0.0.0 (data.lua)
   0.173 Loading mod base 0.16.15 (data.lua)
   0.316 Loading mod creative-mode-fix 0.0.15 (data.lua)
   0.375 Loading mod Free_Real_Estate 1.0.16 (data.lua)
   0.422 Loading mod base 0.16.15 (data-updates.lua)
   0.484 Loading mod creative-mode-fix 0.0.15 (data-final-fixes.lua)
   0.545 Checksum for core: 2242385247
   0.545 Checksum of base: 2600059353
   0.546 Checksum of creative-mode-fix: 3334610438
   0.546 Checksum of Free_Real_Estate: 2979916138
   0.663 Loading sounds...
   0.709 Info PlayerData.cpp:65: Local player-data.json available, timestamp 1515509909
   0.709 Info PlayerData.cpp:72: Cloud player-data.json unavailable
   0.825 Loaded shader file D:/GAMES/Factorio1615/data/core/graphics/shaders/game.cso
   0.829 Loaded shader file D:/GAMES/Factorio1615/data/core/graphics/shaders/zoom-to-world.cso
   0.830 Loaded shader file D:/GAMES/Factorio1615/data/core/graphics/shaders/alpha-mask.cso
   0.849 Initial atlas bitmap size is 8192
   0.853 Created atlas bitmap 8192x7935 [none]
   0.853 Created atlas bitmap 8192x1856 [terrain]
   0.854 Created atlas bitmap 8192x2170 [shadow]
   0.854 Created atlas bitmap 8192x759 [smoke]
   0.854 Created atlas bitmap 8192x344 [decal]
   0.855 Created atlas bitmap 4096x1908 [no-crop, trilinear-filtering, icon, light]
   0.855 Created atlas bitmap 4096x476 [alpha-mask]
  11.148 Sprites loaded
  11.148 Convert atlas 4096x1908 to: trilinear-filtering 
  11.243 Convert atlas 4096x476 to: alpha-mask
  11.963 Custom inputs active: 0
  12.002 Factorio initialised
  18.931 Loading map C:\Users\SSSD\AppData\Roaming\Factorio\saves\FRE-16.15.zip: 3499229 bytes.
  18.956 Loading Level.dat: 6334769 bytes.
  18.961 Info Scenario.cpp:135: Map version 0.16.15-0
  19.175 Loading script.dat: 34513 bytes.
  19.177 Checksum for script C:/Users/SSSD/AppData/Roaming/Factorio/temp/currently-playing/control.lua: 2309010108
  19.212 Checksum for script __creative-mode-fix__/control.lua: 1867365381
  19.220 Checksum for script __Free_Real_Estate__/control.lua: 4003018555
  19.280 Script @D:/GAMES/Factorio1615/data/core/lualib/silo-script.lua:23: Running silo script migration: 1 -> 2
  19.280 Script @D:/GAMES/Factorio1615/data/core/lualib/silo-script.lua:118: Executing silo script migration - Mod gui from left to top
  25.333 Info AppManager.cpp:259: Saving to _autosave1 (blocking).
  25.700 Info AppManagerStates.cpp:1528: Saving finished
  64.830 Info AppManagerStates.cpp:1528: Saving finished
Factorio crashed. Generating symbolized stacktrace, please wait ...
c:\cygwin64\tmp\factorio-o7kirz\libraries\stackwalker\stackwalker.cpp (923): StackWalker::ShowCallstack
c:\cygwin64\tmp\factorio-o7kirz\src\util\logger.cpp (371): Logger::writeStacktrace
c:\cygwin64\tmp\factorio-o7kirz\src\util\logger.cpp (470): Logger::logStacktrace
c:\cygwin64\tmp\factorio-o7kirz\src\util\logging.cpp (78): Logging::logAndAbortOrThrow
c:\cygwin64\tmp\factorio-o7kirz\src\util\logging.cpp (73): Logging::logAndAbortOrThrow
c:\cygwin64\tmp\factorio-o7kirz\src\item\itemstack.cpp (487): ItemStack::setHealth
c:\cygwin64\tmp\factorio-o7kirz\src\item\itemstack.cpp (1103): ItemStack::fromPTree
c:\cygwin64\tmp\factorio-o7kirz\src\entity\itementityprototype.cpp (27): ItemEntityPrototype::createInternal
c:\cygwin64\tmp\factorio-o7kirz\src\entity\entityprototype.cpp (495): EntityPrototype::create
c:\cygwin64\tmp\factorio-o7kirz\src\util\luahelper.cpp (2219): LuaHelper::createEntity
c:\cygwin64\tmp\factorio-o7kirz\src\script\luasurface.cpp (1167): LuaSurface::luaCreateEntity
c:\cygwin64\tmp\factorio-o7kirz\src\script\luabinder.hpp (327): LuaBinder<LuaPlayer>::callWrapper
c:\cygwin64\tmp\factorio-o7kirz\libraries\lua\ldo.c (320): luaD_precall
c:\cygwin64\tmp\factorio-o7kirz\libraries\lua\lvm.c (710): luaV_execute
c:\cygwin64\tmp\factorio-o7kirz\libraries\lua\lapi.c (952): f_call
c:\cygwin64\tmp\factorio-o7kirz\libraries\lua\ldo.c (131): luaD_rawrunprotected
c:\cygwin64\tmp\factorio-o7kirz\libraries\lua\lapi.c (978): lua_pcallk
c:\cygwin64\tmp\factorio-o7kirz\src\script\luagamescript.cpp (3866): LuaGameScript::signallingPCall
c:\cygwin64\tmp\factorio-o7kirz\src\script\luagamescript.cpp (742): LuaGameScript::runEventHandler
c:\cygwin64\tmp\factorio-o7kirz\src\script\luaeventdispatcher.cpp (418): LuaEventDispatcher::run<InputAction>
c:\cygwin64\tmp\factorio-o7kirz\src\script\luaeventdispatcher.cpp (308): LuaEventDispatcher::dispatch
c:\cygwin64\tmp\factorio-o7kirz\src\gameactiondispatcher.cpp (14): GameActionDispatcher::sendToListeners
c:\cygwin64\tmp\factorio-o7kirz\src\manualbuilder.cpp (1163): ManualBuilder::sendBuildEventForEntity
c:\cygwin64\tmp\factorio-o7kirz\src\manualbuilder.cpp (806): ManualBuilder::buildItem
c:\cygwin64\tmp\factorio-o7kirz\src\controller\charactercontroller.cpp (447): CharacterController::buildItem
c:\cygwin64\tmp\factorio-o7kirz\src\gameactionhandler.cpp (552): GameActionHandler::buildItem
c:\cygwin64\tmp\factorio-o7kirz\src\gameactionhandler.cpp (263): GameActionHandler::actionPerformed
c:\cygwin64\tmp\factorio-o7kirz\src\input\inputhandler.cpp (54): InputHandler::flushActions
c:\cygwin64\tmp\factorio-o7kirz\src\gameactionhandler.cpp (305): GameActionHandler::update
c:\cygwin64\tmp\factorio-o7kirz\src\mainloop.cpp (979): MainLoop::gameUpdateStep
c:\cygwin64\tmp\factorio-o7kirz\src\mainloop.cpp (852): MainLoop::gameUpdateLoop
c:\cygwin64\tmp\factorio-o7kirz\src\util\workerthread.cpp (36): WorkerThread::loop
c:\program files (x86)\microsoft visual studio\2017\community\vc\tools\msvc\14.12.25827\include\thr\xthread (232): std::_LaunchPad<std::unique_ptr<std::tuple<void (__cdecl TransferSource::*)(void) __ptr64,TransferSource * __ptr64>,std::default_delete<std::tuple<void (__cdecl TransferSource::*)(void) __ptr64,TransferSource * __ptr64> > > >::_Go
c:\program files (x86)\microsoft visual studio\2017\community\vc\tools\msvc\14.12.25827\include\thr\xthread (211): std::_Pad::_Call_func
d:\th\minkernel\crts\ucrt\src\appcrt\startup\thread.cpp (115): thread_start<unsigned int (__cdecl*)(void * __ptr64)>
ERROR: SymGetLineFromAddr64, GetLastError: 487 (Address: 00000000778A652D)
00000000778A652D (kernel32): (filename not available): BaseThreadInitThunk
ERROR: SymGetLineFromAddr64, GetLastError: 487 (Address: 0000000077ADC541)
0000000077ADC541 (ntdll): (filename not available): RtlUserThreadStart
  72.662 Error ItemStack.cpp:487: Invalid health value: -16777212.000000.
Logger::writeStacktrace skipped.
  72.663 Error CrashHandler.cpp:128: Map tick at moment of crash: 128361
  72.663 Error Util.cpp:67: Unexpected error occurred. If you're running the latest version of the game you can help us solve the problem by posting the contents of the log file on the Factorio forums.
Please also include the save file(s), any mods you may be using, and any steps you know of to reproduce the crash.
 121.611 Creating crash dump.
 121.665 CrashDump success
Here is link to savefile + installed mods. There is creative-mode-fix_0.0.15 also there - for fast access to construct of Factory buildings and testing purposes. Creative-mode doesn't do any trouble.


So, get 'em ;)

p.s. I know, that there is Factorissimo mod, doing almost the same thing as this "Free Real Estate", but Factorissimo mod is much slower and not that hardly optimized like "Free Real Estate"! Especially on slow computers he allow to construct a really massive megabases without dropping down our dear UPS!!! Factorissimo, for our sadness, eats much more UPS...
P.p.s. Also, if anyone that good in lua-programming is reading this - please help to fix this beautiful mod to be compatible to 0.16! Pray! Please!!!

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Re: [0.16.15] Crash at trying to make compatible 0.15mod to 0.16

Post by Rseding91 » Tue Jan 09, 2018 9:33 pm

Thanks for the report. One of the mods you're using is trying to make an item with a health value of -16777212 which isn't valid.

I'll fix it so it doesn't crash for the next version of 0.16 but you'll need to fix the mod so it doesn't try to do that.
If you want to get ahold of me I'm almost always on Discord.

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Re: [0.16.15] Crash at trying to make compatible 0.15mod to 0.16

Post by unfunf22 » Tue Jan 09, 2018 11:18 pm

for saving ups you can use my mod its not complet but it does 50% what UPS-up make


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