[wheybags] [0.16.05] mining a car with full inventory

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[wheybags] [0.16.05] mining a car with full inventory

Post by TheUnknown007 »

I just tried to mine a car I was driving with a full inventory (both player and car). The car didn't get mined, but my character still exited the car. On the exact same spot of the car. So:

To reproduce:
- player with full inventory
- car has some stuff in inventory
- enter car
- mine car

screenshot of result:
factorio_bug_car_mining_with_full_inventory.PNG (38.91 KiB) Viewed 1820 times
expected behaviour:
- message "inventory full" is shown

actual behaviour:
- part of cars inventory is transferred to player inventory. (Annoying, but consistent with chest mining)
- player character is placed at the same spot as the car (shouldn't happen).

Suggested fix: create player character after it has been verified the vehicle can be mined.

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Re: [wheybags] [0.16.05] mining a car with full inventory

Post by wheybags »

Fixed for 0.16.6. The player will stay in the car if this happens. Thanks for the report!

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