Cannot craft Sulfuric Acid anymore

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Cannot craft Sulfuric Acid anymore

Post by Santaroga »

Currently using the version 0.15.39 build 30947, win64 steam

The base is fairly large and been playing it for a while now (200+ hours). did research Sulfur a while back and I already have a chemical plant producing sulfur and another sulfuric acid from it.

Now i'me laying out a new section and want to scale research pack production. got to the point of producing high tech packs (yellow) which requires a lot of acid (blue circuits and batteries). However no matter how I look at it, sulfuric acid is simply not available. Nowhere can I select it in the chemical plant.

the plant I already have is producing but should I select it to check it's recipe I will not be able to bring it back and will loose my sulfuric acid production for good unless I reload from saved game.
I've tried to blueprint the plant, hoping to get robots to place it pre-configured but when I blue print the plant shows sulfuric acid symbol with a non accessible overlay (red circle with a diagonal bar across). placing this blue print simply places a virgin chemical plant.

I'm baffled and at a loss as to how my sulfuric acid could have disappeared like this. I had it but now I dont... where did it go ?... without this it will be difficult to move ahead as it is central to a lot of advanced things we can craft ... having just the one active plant will mean very slow production.

So what happened ? Any way I can diagnose a bit to figure what happened ? Could an update cause this ? I did try some mods but came back to the vanilla game, then updated to the V015 series. I'm not certain at what point I lost the sulfuric acid though, I had not tried to craft it for a while, well other than that one plant I had created.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Cannot craft Sulfuric Acid anymore

Post by Loewchen »


Code: Select all

/c game.forces.player.reset_technologies()
or if this does not work:

Code: Select all

/c["sulfuric-acid"].enabled = true
You will not be able to get achievements from that time on.

If neither work provide: 52433.

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