[Oxyd] [for 0.16] [0.15.31]Biters strugle to make base

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[Oxyd] [for 0.16] [0.15.31]Biters strugle to make base

Post by Brambor »

Hi, Today I was attacked by biters and after they destroyed my one trurret with one ammo they tried to make a base (or I think they tried) but they struggled to.

They were near mining drills and belts (which they rided frequently).

Then they just mooved back and forth for about an minute before most of them ran back (out of radar active sensor range), probably building base.

What I would expect is that they would destroy the copper drills and belts and then build a base there.

Second thing: Can you do something with biter riding belts? It's wierd, shouldn't they eat them instead? or step of off them?

The running back and forth: They all run towards where the green lines intercepts, then after short while run alongside yelow path. That repeats.
20170731141827_1.jpg (716.81 KiB) Viewed 1396 times
In attached save. They attack north copper mine about second after loading.
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Re: [Oxyd] [for 0.16] [0.15.31]Biters strugle to make base

Post by Oxyd »

Thanks, fixed in 0.16.

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