[0.12.26] New Hope 1 - fog of war not revealed

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[0.12.26] New Hope 1 - fog of war not revealed

Post by jarcionek »

I have noticed that in first mission of New Hope campaign the fog of war is not always revealed. It applies to both the player and the radar.

At this screenshot I am standing in the bottom right corner of the map, just next to destroyed alien structure, but it is still visible as red on the minimap:
Screenshot 1.png
Screenshot 1.png (3.82 MiB) Viewed 1282 times
Here is the map - this screenshot was taken after the previous one, alien structure is already destroyed:
Screenshot 2.png
Screenshot 2.png (78.47 KiB) Viewed 1282 times
Here, a few minutes later the fog of war is revealed as expected:
Screenshot 3.png
Screenshot 3.png (73.52 KiB) Viewed 1282 times
By the way, I don't understand why the long horizontal conveyor belt at the bottom of the map is not visible on middle screenshot - it was already there. EDIT: it is because when I was building it, neither me nor radar were revealing fog of war.

It doesn't seem related to day/night cycle.

Placing or removing extra radars does nothing. Removing the original radar (the one which is already placed at the beginning of the mission) fixed the problem.

It might be related to radar revealing farther parts of the map (i.e. outside the map's boundary), as the problem doesn't show up at the beginning of the game.

Save files attached. "1-2" is before taking any of the screenshots, "1-3" is after taking all screenshots.
New Hope 1-3.zip
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New Hope 1-2.zip
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Re: [0.12.26] New Hope 1 - fog of war not revealed

Post by posila »

Thanks for the report. This should be fixed in next release. (The will apply only when you start the level from the beginning).

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