[Genhis] [1.1.101]Cannot return item back if press Q after click RMB

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[Genhis] [1.1.101]Cannot return item back if press Q after click RMB

Post by Lamerake_69 »

  • I placed the first inventory cells, leaving several of these cells empty, and then went to build my perimeter defense from machine gun turrets
  • When I inserted the cartridges into the turret with the RMB, and then decided to clear the cursor of the cartridges (press Q), a warning about the occupied slot appeared
  • Actually, I did not expect such a warning, because when you press the LMB and then clean the pipette, such a warning does not appear
  • This happens in the turret scenario, and I also tested it by folding the conveyors into a chest
This can be obtained by following the following steps:
1. put a filter on the first cell of the inventory, leaving it empty (for example, put a deconstruction plan
2. to take a stack of any object (for example, conveyor belt)
3. put half of the stack in a suitable object (for example, a chest) by clicking RMB
4. clear cursor using the Q button

there is a video demonstration in the attachment
P.S. I'm not sure if this is a bug, but the different behavior when pressing LMB and RMB is misleading
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Re: [Genhis] [1.1.101]Cannot return item back if press Q after click RMB

Post by Genhis »

Thanks for the report. Partial item transfer now correctly preserves inventory hand location in the next release.

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