[1.1.53] race click on scenario-closed bp-lib gui: crashes client if latency>0.

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[1.1.53] race click on scenario-closed bp-lib gui: crashes client if latency>0.

Post by KeepResearchinSpoons »

[1.1.53] race click on scenario-closed bp-lib gui crashes client with latency>0.
Hello, me again. Blueprints crashing the engine again. With latency. Deja vu, have I seen that stacktrace before... :>

((I shall update this with steps/mwe/lua stuff in a moment, pls bear with me, *life* is happening :> ))
Rating?; A bit of "off-topic";
Nah, you have to go outta the way to do it. Or so I thought.
The issue is deeper than it looks in the stacktrace's surface.

There are a lot of 50/50 on the idiomatic level.
Take, say, "moving" a stack. Probably shall give it 1 to 6 to do it right from the get go. That is excluding the issue of being able to do that at all.
Simple task you think? Right?
Guess how many implementations will not respect bullet count in ammo? Let alone gear in mk2/fish-tanks... Markets, virtual ("ender") personal (force level) storages! Spare me the crafting que, cuz that one is nasty.
This is not as out-of-scope as I would want it to be, sadly. Maybe a simple write-up on that one is also a good idea.. and thus me here.
This time the naive way just caused a crash and not the item-dupe/race-in-lua/desync-in-mp/anything.
Thus, there are 2 good points to cover with one report: (bug + context). And me motivated enough to put in the effort tries to be helpful, kappa.
When misused, scenario code may cause (looks like a race. maybe) that could crash client on bp gui click.
Needs to have latency, so that gui flashes" around.
Maybe flashing itself is a bug. But I hardly see it as one, have not looked at the lua code as of yet, tho.
scenario mis-implemented the permission for "no bp lib" as in "close it when it pops up".
When you actually click it the game crashes/player disconnects.
This was in the community with history, that you have probably even heard of, yikes. Not just a random party of newbies.
Ofc told them the /permissions way, but do you see it charming they even made that this way and ran for a while in the first place?

Here is a simple compilation of stack-traces, if it helps.
2x stacks from linux
The same as before, it needs to have latency (basically, local host, but NOT host-game-on-client-itself).

I have had a solid repro. Gonna dig through lua to get you minimal working example.
Sorry, not recording a vid poc this time, too lazy to edit stuff rn.

I have both a scenario's save and full logs at hand.
Not gonna share them forums public since both might prob contain some not-for-public stuff (like bp --verbose exports or chat logs of 3rd parties or smth else).
Ofc, I have no src access. so the race in gui is as good guess as any :> Good luck with the traces, more info is coming up. Soon[tm]

Also, while discussing with an admin the said issue, the other player repro-ed it in with the crash. They probably had autosend on, (also maybe it was windows?) so you might have got one full log on the issue by now (less than half a day from this moment). And that also confirms that it is not my setup, which is cool. Yay.
Gonna say "alt-f4for the dark-mode" cat never looses too much time, right?

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Re: [1.1.53] race click on scenario-closed bp-lib gui: crashes client if latency>0.

Post by Rseding91 »

Thanks for the report. It's now fixed for the next release.
If you want to get ahold of me I'm almost always on Discord.

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