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Migrated to 0.16.29, then back to 0.16.28, now auto-desync?

Posted: Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:52 pm
by MisterFister
Howdy, folks. Extensive AngelBob modlist. With today's migration to v0.16.29 coinciding with the day my friend and I had already set aside to start a new AngelBob playthrough with heavy emphasis on biter-aggression mods, mods that seem to have worked in v0.16.28 suddenly no longer do. ... d5ULa?dl=0 shows an exact backup of our current modlist. I'm hosting and it's my friend attempting to remote-login, so the bulk of the desync reports from his side would have to come later when he gets back from his evening commitment.

Initial culprits are the ones that precipitated a mod update when clicking "check for updates," but I'm still fairly unclear on what any of these would do to de-sync when the map is literally four seconds old.