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Known issues

Posted: Fri May 16, 2014 12:19 pm
by Loewchen
  • Crash with RivaTuner and/or Discord overlay (usually after start) in graphicsinterfacedx11.cpp -->
  • Crash with AMD CPU in entityrenderer.cpp -->
  • Crash after computer awakes from power saving mode -->
  • Crash with error message: "Swap buffers failed, Reason: Device hung" -->
  • Crash on start when using Razer Chroma integration -->
  • Screen showing nonsense graphics intermittently with intel graphics hardware -->
  • "Cannot connect systems with different fluids" error even though I can only see one type of fluid -->
  • Construction bots don't respond/take very long to respond --> -->
  • Inserter fails to pick up item from underground belt -->
  • Upgrading power poles does not create new connections -->
  • Offshore pump still working after being landfilled -->
  • Newly explored part of the map is disconnected from the old part and looks weird -->
  • Various issues such as freezing, long saving times or high memory usage when using experimental "Non-blocking saving". Please disable this feature before reporting a bug related to saving. -->