Just bought the game; What were Your first impressions?

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Re: Just bought the game; What were Your first impressions?

Postby pookeeshtron » Fri Jul 13, 2018 10:23 pm

Bought the game a few days ago. I heard and saw it about a year or two ago, but didn't like how it looks and never recalled it. But a few day ago I had a chance to play Factorio and after 2 hours I certainly decided to buy it. For these 2 or 3 days I played really a lot since I have days off. Factorio is really addictive and very complex. I saw a few letsplays, but then I found it boring, becuse in my opinion this game should be fully explored by myself. Now in the midnight I am sitting in a chair with a laptop with google sheets opened to examine the most efficient way to use my science packs assembling machines. I love this game. It makes me think a lot while playing and even while not playing.
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