Rail planner blueprints

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Rail planner blueprints

Post by Darinth » Wed Apr 17, 2019 12:59 pm

Blueprints that utilize the pathing functionality of the rail planner to build customized rail(and possibly other structure?) layouts.

What ?
Specify at a minimum a track to use for a right turn, a left turn, and a strait piece. From these (at a minimum) the rail planner should be able to mostly use it's existing algorithm to perform pathing. Specify a start point, drag to the endpoint, and it'll use the blueprints to create a path that'll get as close as possible. Would allow the power of the rail planner but let people specify number of rails, distance between signals, etc... and all have it built automatically by the rail planner.
Why ?
The rail planner is really cool and it's obvious a lot of effort has been put into it. Unfortunately, it's a piece of functionality that becomes less useful as you develop a better understanding of the game and of blueprints in particular. The ability to use blueprints to produce specific numbers of rails, signal distance, and even things like regular turret emplacements, integrating solar power into your rail network or adding roboports unfortunately renders this really cool piece of coding mostly unusable. Also, I feel it fits factorio's general methodology. Learn more complex system, be rewarded by faster deployment. I can't think of any way to implement this system that won't end up with a lot of complexity, but the ability to deploy massive sections of rail with just a few clicks would be a massive reward for learning the system.

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