[0.16.51] Multiplayer desync loop with a few mods.

Desyncs in modded game will be ignored most of the time, until it is clearly proven that the desync is not caused by scripting.
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[0.16.51] Multiplayer desync loop with a few mods.

Post by rossc719 » Sat Mar 16, 2019 11:17 pm

My friend and I have been playing for a while (nearly 600 h).
He is hosting, and I am connecting remotely.

After a while we got to the point where we had "won" for all intents and purposes, so we decided to add some mods:
(From the log.txt in the desync report)
1.029 Loading mod settings AutoDeconstruct 0.1.11 (settings.lua)
1.031 Loading mod core 0.0.0 (data.lua)
1.050 Loading mod base 0.16.51 (data.lua)
1.191 Loading mod Armored-train 0.1.11 (data.lua)
1.232 Loading mod folk-logistic-wagon 0.2.5 (data.lua)
1.265 Loading mod Hiladdar_Research 0.16.1 (data.lua)
1.304 Loading mod Power Armor MK3 0.1.8 (data.lua)
1.337 Loading mod Vehicle Wagon 1.2.5 (data.lua)
1.372 Loading mod Walrus_Misc_Improvements_Renewed 0.16.0 (data.lua)
1.416 Loading mod base 0.16.51 (data-updates.lua)
1.469 Loading mod Squeak Through 1.2.2 (data-updates.lua)
1.504 Loading mod Hiladdar_Research 0.16.1 (data-final-fixes.lua)

I have more mods that are installed (but disabled, so that I match the server set).

I tried to attach the desync report and the mods folder but they seem to be failing.. so I put them here:
https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ ... sp=sharing

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