PAX Station with combinator based targeting

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PAX Station with combinator based targeting

Post by AlexAegis » Mon Jan 21, 2019 10:09 am

PAX Node

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It comes for you, and then takes you where you want it. It's your personal Uber!


1. Put down as many nodes as you like, and set their I value (Identification) to a unique ID

> I suggest putting tags on the map, or tiles, so you can see the ID of the station you want to go

2. Connect all nodes with green cables using one of the poles on the LEFT side. (there's only 2 on the left side, and 3 on the right)

3. Put down a single train with two 'PAX' destinations, with both at least a second wait time. (10-15 is preferred if you are not testing it)

Never have a train stop there for a split second (one frame, 0 inactivity, or 0 passed time) because then you'll have to manually unlatch the bugged sr-latch. (Standing near the gate unlatches it)

Multiple trains can work too, but if your PAX station is skippable, chances are if its occupied, you'll skip it. (Also, if multiple stations are outputting their D values those will add up, and if there a station with that id, it will latch)


- If you stand near the gate, the train will come to you

- The gate will open on train arrival

- Set the D (Destination) value in the Destination combinator to the staton ID you want to go

- The train will take you there

How does it work?

If you stand near the gates the station outputs it's I value (With an O override flag) to the green grid.
If there is a train inside, it will output the stations D value.

A station when reads a D value from the grid and that value is the same as it's I value, it latches (Using an SR-Latch) and the station lights up in yellow. (It's green when the train is inside) If it reads the O override flag, the station won't output it's own D value. (Because it's overridden)

There is a bp labeled 0.4 in the book. It's the 'uncompressed' version but it's essentially the same. if you're wondering how it works, thats a bit easier to see through.

Also, I believe that the circuitry is inefficient and the same logic can be compressed into less combinators/cables, but I can't be bothered.

If you find any bugs, or have a suggestion, pm me on reddit!

A little extra, the book of the tiled digits

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