0.16.51 Desynq

Desyncs in modded game will be ignored most of the time, until it is clearly proven that the desync is not caused by scripting.
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0.16.51 Desynq

Post by Suchtzocker » Mon Nov 19, 2018 8:22 pm

Hello, ive already looked at some post other players made here on the Forum but i cant really point out what is wrong with our game.
First Player joins a Windows Hosted Server and has no Problems.
Then im joining and first downloading like 10mb map file, then wait for saving serverside and THEN redownload another 32mb of Map and then i get a desync error.

Last thing we went to do is try the belt planner over a hughe distance and made the server crash BUT we did use a old savegame to get it back up.
Some hours bevore we installed that train mod where the rails act as powerlines and we had no problems i guess.

https://mega.nz/#!F74g0YyZ!VT0f3QkNohDG ... cDOIG9wg_g

adding to this is that my game is really heavy lagging/rubber banding every action i command takes 4-20 seconds to do something like turning a belt or opening a chest

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