Deconstruction Orders Should Last As Long As Ghosts Do

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Deconstruction Orders Should Last As Long As Ghosts Do

Postby wookz » Sun Aug 12, 2018 6:26 pm

TLDR; Deconstruction orders should last as long as ghosts do, which seems to be forever. I'm not asking for the larger fix in the thread below, I'm just looking for the current timeout to be changed to "forever".

I found this thread already: viewtopic.php?t=37785. It would seem to be the only one. Most of the results are in the modding threads, but when I typed "deconstruction" into the mod portal, none of the results look like what I want. (Suggestions appreciated.) Adding more words to that search returns nothing.

ssilk's response in that thread is about the edge cases of building at the very edges, which is not my problem. I worked around all those problems. Placed a very large solar farm with the intention that 200 bots, and 4 solar panel and accumulator assemblers, would build it all out eventually, while I was busy building all the stuff that would make my beloved 32 reactor power plant insufficient. Before placing the blueprints, I landfilled all the water in the 4-tile-wide lanes the roboports would be build in, and also removed all the trees in those lanes by hand. I laid down a solar farm that might take days or weeks to finish building. Then I went and did other thing for a while.

I figured that if anything went wrong, as least all the roboports would be built, because I made sure they would be. They weren't. Hardly any of the rest of it is there, either. All 200 construction bots are cycling between sparking over trees and rocks that are no longer marked for deconstruction, and recharging.
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