My 1000 science per minute casual "megabase"

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My 1000 science per minute casual "megabase"

Postby FasterJump » Mon Jun 11, 2018 7:22 pm

I just reached my goal in factorio: building a base that can produce more than 1000 of each science pack per minute.
That was much longer to achieve than expected (200 hours on the 0.16 map) but that was fun to put in application everything I learned before.
I used Factorio Planner to know how much items are needed at each stage of the production, and use something close to this.
You can see more screenshots of the base on my imgur album. I'll add blueprints of the most efficient setups I made.
screenshot_low.png (1.08 MiB) Viewed 392 times

Few details about my base
  • No mods or commands used on the map.
    Produce about 61 000 of each science pack per hour. Rocket and satellite are included. Millitary research is possible but at a lower speed than 1kspm.
  • Belt and trains based. The main bus is about 50 belts wide. No bots.
  • The rail network is mailny 2 lanes with 1-4-1 bidirectional trains.
  • Power is generated from solar for IDLE (beacons) and nuclear for assemblers/furnaces. Power usage is 5.5 GW. Nuclear output capacity = 3.4 GW (night peak at 3.7 GW), solar output = 1.2 GW (day peak at 1.8 GW).
  • No signals/combinators are used except for trains and nuclear plant.
  • Setups have lamps and are walkable (substations are avoided in mos setups) . Belt weaving and underground belt magic is avoided as much as possible
  • Can works at 90 UPS on my computer.

Map Overview:
map2.png (381.28 KiB) Viewed 392 times

Setups and Blueprints
Beaconed Compressed Green Circuits
Maximum energy efficiency: 435 kJ / circuit.
Assemblers activity: 98.5%
Input 30.6 copper/s and 28.6 iron/s, output 2 compressed blue belts.

Beaconed Compressed Red Circuits
Maximum energy efficiency: 2370 kJ / circuit.
Assemblers activity: 98.5%
Input 27.2 copper/s, 38.1 green circuits/s and 38.1 plastic bars/s, output a compressed red belt.
Notice that the wire stack inserters must be locked to stack size of 7 to ensure compressed throughput.

Beaconed Blue Circuits
Maximum energy efficiency: 3750 kJ / circuit.
Assemblers activity: 96.3%
Input 136 green circuits/s, 13.6 red circuits/s, output 9.5 blue circuits/s.

Nuclear plant: Controller and tileable setup

Mods and script commands used for tests
Code: Select all
/c game.speed=2
/c game.player.surface.always_day=true
/c game.take_screenshot{resolution = {x = 1600, y = 900}, zoom = 0.2, show_entity_info = true}
/c game.player.teleport({-116.0, 172.5})

/c game.forces.player.chart(game.player.surface, {lefttop = {x = -1024, y = -1024}, rightbottom = {x = 1024, y = 1024}})

/c local surface=game.player.surface
for key, entity in pairs(surface.find_entities_filtered({force="enemy"})) do
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Re: My 1000 science per minute casual "megabase"

Postby eradicator » Mon Jun 11, 2018 9:15 pm

*looks at green circuits*. Oh noez, you're not using perfect 8x8 beacons everywhere! Blasphemy! Call the witchhunters!...

No, seriously: Congratulations on reaching your goal. Mine always dies when the feature creep attacks. Also if you can upload a savegame, it's always nice to actually walk around in other peoples well planned factories. Also those sunflowers are cute. I demand pictures of the sunflowers.
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Re: My 1000 science per minute casual "megabase"

Postby FasterJump » Mon Jun 11, 2018 10:07 pm

Thanks for your feedback!

Here is the screenshot of the sunflowers:
solar.png (793.56 KiB) Viewed 375 times

The ratio is 96 solar panels for 104 accumulators. It's not a problem for me since accus are much cheaper than solar, and useful for energy buffering from all sources.

About green circuits, I had 2 goals when I designed it:
-have fully compressed blue belts outputs
-use minimum energy
Here: copper wire assemblers have +215% crafting speed and circuits assemblers have +190% crafting speed. More speed beacons would be wasted because the belts are already compressed.
Also it's nice to see that assemblers are active 98.5% of the time (can be verified by maths 4*1.25*2.9*2*1.4=40.6 ; 22.05/21.75 and checked ingame)
For 2 blue belts output, the setup consume 40.1 MW (=>500kJ/circuit) ; for 20 belts outputs, the setup consume 348 MW (=>435kJ/circuit).
I'm pretty proud of this setup :P

I'll upload the save in the main post!
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Re: My 1000 science per minute casual "megabase"

Postby Ace_W » Tue Jun 12, 2018 9:41 pm

Stuff goes in, science comes out.

I like it! Very big congrats on reaching you goal!

How many bootstrap bases did you go through?
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Re: My 1000 science per minute casual "megabase"

Postby FasterJump » Wed Jun 13, 2018 6:53 pm

I built 1 bootstrap base for early science, then I tried to build stuff directly at their final location. I don't recommend it though.

I think I should have built a good bootstrap base at another location, so I could have kept it while building the 1rpm one. It would have be big enough to research nuclear power and produce stuff lile modules, assemblers, beacons, belts...

I ended up with a total of 70k blue belts and 12.5k T3 modules produced.
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Re: My 1000 science per minute casual "megabase"

Postby MisterSpock » Thu Jun 21, 2018 7:46 am

This is great. Especially because im building 600 Science per min Facility atm.
Also no mods, only belts.

Most ressources dont go main bus. They go directly into chips/gears/steel. Others go main bus.

Im alos using Factorio Planner: (u can save your settings in the url link by copy it) ... rrrrrrrrrr
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