How do you develop, test and release your mod

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How do you develop, test and release your mod

Postby locou » Wed May 16, 2018 2:14 pm

Hello my lovely developers,

some days ago I went head first into modding and released my first mod on the mod portal. Now, after updating my mod I'm ready to push the new release, but wondered if my approach is the best one.
So, version control is unavoidable and I've set up a repo. Since I've worked with github in the past that was not a problem. For that I had to trim the version number from the foldername, but Factorio expects the current version in the info.json in the foldername too.
Do I have to keep two separate folders; one for the test with Factorio and one with git? Would there be a automatic solution for git to create such folder where the version number is in its name (like a pre-commit hook?)

Secondly, when I push a new release / tag, do I have to got to the mod portal and update the listing by hand, or is there an automatic way?
How do you develop your mods? How did you set up your environment to develop efficiently?

I wouldn't mind doing it "the complicated" way, but you know...efficiency :D
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