Friday Facts #187 - Space science & 0.15 graphics

Regular reports on Factorio development.
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Re: Friday Facts #187 - Space science & 0.15 graphics

Post by Zool »

Zettelkasten wrote:At the beginning of this year, I discovered this FFF series but knew nothing about Factorio, but I found it quite interesting and continued reading. After a few dozen entries I wanted to try the game myself and played through the demo missions. After that, I had a better understanding of what the game actually was about and was even more excited to continue reading, so I read a few FFF every once in a while for the last couple of months. Of course I had very few idea of everything addressed in the blogs, but still they all were quite interesting to read. Also it was quite fun to see time progress, and I must say: I am very impressed that you managed to write a FFF each and every week. We'll done!
So thanks for your efforts, you definitely taught me a lot, even though I don't even own Factorio. I'm sure I'll get to one day and laugh about all the things I know from reading FFFs. Keep them going, I'll look forward to them each and every week!
I found this game like 3 years ago by watching various lets plays on my ipad while being in hospital - and it ended up being the main rason to get out of hospital as fast as possible ^^ And I didn't regret it for sure ... now I have easily over 1000 hours played in here, and still enjoy it - its definately one of the best values I ever got from a video game - BUY IT =D

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Re: Friday Facts #187 - Space science & 0.15 graphics

Post by Tricorius »

orzelek wrote:
torham wrote:
doppelEben wrote: Wow.. that disciplin not to buy the game...
Yeah, I hear you. I bought the game after playing the demo for 5 minutes.

PS: I LOVE the new night vision. It is perfectly usable and non intrusive. Thank you devs for listening to the feedback! :D
New night vision is so nice that it could enable itself slightly earlier :)
Agreed. I actually leave it in my armor now. :) It's *that* good. ;) (And I'm lazy.)

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Re: Friday Facts #187 - Space science & 0.15 graphics

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Regarding icon changes and updates, I've always wondered when there'll be a change for the icon for the "discharge defense". It looks very strange and out of place seeing this flat 2-D picture of a lighting bolt when everything else has some kind of fancy 3-D or depth-filled picture. At least, that's what I've always thought.
Sometimes you're just target practice for giant, interstellar worms.

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