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Re: Masotorio. [0.17.45 (anything higher at your own risk)]

Posted: Tue Sep 08, 2020 11:21 am
by msty
PiBar wrote:
Sun Sep 15, 2019 11:32 am
Hi Sopel, thank you for this challenging modpack! After more than 100 hours, I’m still enjoying it very much.
I also encountered the dependency loop Kuchikucha mentioned in the previous post, which I solved by cheating in 1 laser turret to build the rare earth extractor. I now have chemical science packs and science pack 11 and below automated.

However, I’m now facing another dependency loop: Most following science packs require science pack 12, which requires paramagnetic material. Here is the more detailed dependence tree:
Science 12 (robots) <- Construction robot <- Construction robot brain MK1 <- Paramagnetic material <- requires Nanotechnology research <- production science pack

Production science pack <- Express Science Accumulation chip <- Science 12,15,17
Production science pack <- Computation Unit <- Logistic robot brain MK1<- paramagnetic material

Science 15 <- Science 12
Science 17 <- Science 12
I think the all these dependencies can be fixed by making paramagnetic material available before the nanotechnology research, or by removing production science packs from the nanotechnology research requirements.

Any advice? Are you still making modifications to this mudpack?
I've managed to fix a similar problem, so in case you are still playing it, you can do something similar.

For me problem was: to build Science 12 I needed a Personal battery -> but to unlock it you had to already have Chemical Science pack (Modular Armor depends on Advanced electronics) -> You can't build Chemical Science without Science 12.

I've been thinking how to fix it "properly" without breaking the game or removing the fun. So I endedup doing the following:"modular-armor", "advanced-electronics")"power-armor", "advanced-electronics")

Essentially, I moved the Advanced electronics dependency from Modular armor to Power armor. Now I can get to the Personal battery.

You can probably have a similar fix to your problem (I haven't encountered it yet, so if I do I'll post an update on what I did to fix it.

So what I did technically was to edit one of the addons (I should have probably created my own addon for that, but I've no idea how so I just went ahead and edited another mod (knowing that I don't plan to install any updates that would wipe this change).
0. Backup your mods folder :)
1. Go to C:\Users\<your-username>\AppData\Roaming\Factorio\mods
2. Unpack
3. Edit bobtech_0.17.3\prototypes\technology\technology-updates.lua
4. Add the lines above somewhere in the file
5. Save the file
6. Pack bobtech_0.17.3 back into
7. Restart the game

It worked for me, the dependency is now the way that I can continue playing. Hope it helps anyone

Re: Masotorio. [0.17.45 (anything higher at your own risk)]

Posted: Tue Sep 08, 2020 8:00 pm
by msty
@PiBar I've encountered your problem as well now :)

Fixed it by editing pyhightech_1.2.2\prototypes\recipes\recipes.lua:
(I've changed add_unlock at the bottom to "basic-electronics". Used to be nano-tech. Now the recipe is available earlier.

Code: Select all

    type = 'recipe',
    name = 'paramagnetic-material',
    category = 'pa',
    enabled = false,
    energy_required = 12,
    ingredients = {
        {type = 'item', name = 'myoglobin', amount = 18},
        {type = 'item', name = 'chromium', amount = 5},
        {type = 'item', name = 'iron-plate', amount = 5},
        {type = 'item', name = 'nylon', amount = 2},
        {type = 'item', name = 'iron-oxide', amount = 3}
    results = {
        {type = 'item', name = 'paramagnetic-material', amount = 1}
I've went through all other requirements for this recipe, and seems like I can craft it now.

Re: Masotorio. [0.17.45 (anything higher at your own risk)]

Posted: Sat Sep 12, 2020 8:23 pm
by msty
Found another loop. To craft Science 12 you need Diodes -> which require Rare Earth -> which is mined via a building needing Laser turrets -> Laser turrets need Science 12 and Science 13 to unlock.

Fixed by reducing requirements for Laser Turrets tech from 1-13 to 1-11 in MoreSciencePacks_0.1.11\prototypes\technology\technology-vanilla.lua

Code: Select all{"laser-turrets"}, 1, 11, 1)
And removing "laser-turrets" from the list

Code: Select all