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Re: Nintendo Switch version feedback

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Gummiente27 wrote:
Sun Apr 23, 2023 10:02 pm
I don't play factorio on a switch tho (don't even have one).
Me neither, but i have played a long time Factorio on a laptop whose specs are close to those of the Switch. The RAM limitation was probably a bit worse on my laptop due to it requiring to load things like windows and steam.

I desperatly tried all the optimization mods that i could find, and maybe there are some that would help on the switch for the processor, things like allow to reduce the target framerate, and modify the game's thing's speed accordingly, so if the game only shows 30fps, it makes every speed (running, mining, machines crafting speed... ) twice as fast to keep the same feeling when playing. But such mod can also be used to increase the target frame rate to 144 for those fancy monitors that can show that many images, and would make the Switch suffer badly i suppose.

To me it seem difficult to know how to make sure a mod abide to Nintendo rules to protect their reputation as providing reliable and game safe for children, and the mod authors who are given the freedom to publish things, and it's only after they commit a wrongdoing that their mod is removed, if that ever happen. Those are different philosophies difficult to combine aside from the technical limitations.
Melodi-of-Crystals wrote:
Mon Apr 24, 2023 2:34 am
Honestly I'm all for qol or optimization mods. I literally got notified when I loaded my save today that I had to turn down sprite rendering quality of risk running out of memory. So yeah, there's that. Also who knew trees were so damaging to memory? I'm in a forest world essentially and my base just hit a memory limit that my last one never did.
I knew for trees haha ! Even without mods there are some things you can try, i found on the internet that to use command with the Switch you need to use ZL+ZR+minus button, i don't know what this is now how the typing function. But there is a command to remove trees :

/c for _, entity in ipairs(game.player.surface.find_entities_filtered{ area={{game.player.position.x-32, game.player.position.y-32}, {game.player.position.x+32, game.player.position.y+32}}, type="tree"}) do entity.destroy() end

Not as long as a blueprint if you have to type it manually but still annoying i guess. The " 32 " is the radius around the player in which the trees will be removed, a very large radius would make the game very slow untill it is executed, 32 is 1 tile less than 11 assembly machines in a line.
One drawback is that it will massively increase pollution if there was a lot of trees absorbing it.

It is possible to create a game without pollution, nor trees ,nor ennemy at start up too, (at least on PC) that helped my old laptop to run larger base but it is altering the game experience significantly.

There is this shorter command whose altering is purely cosmetic :

/c game.player.surface.destroy_decoratives{}

It removes all the little decorations, rocks , flowers , bushes, sand pattern and so on. It can reduce the size of a savefile if this is not a concrete world where there is none left already.

Both commands disable achievements and the first time one is typed, it need to be type twice to validate the disabling. In such case, i think the shortest command /editor or /cheat all may also be useful regarding the Qol rather than optimization answers are probably more useful :), i have no idea which tools are present on the editor, but i have seen players using it to take wide screenshot on the Switch, it can probably be used to manually remove trees too and i expect it is possible to use it to cheat some things at startup and then exit it typing the command again, which would mimick some QoL mods that exists on the PC. A little different is /cheat all, which complete all researchs and give the player the ability to craft instantly without the required material. It can have the effect of getting a player to reach the limits of its hardware faster though.

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Re: Nintendo Switch version feedback

Post by Melodi-of-Crystals »

Maybe just an option to not display decorations?
Nintendo switch - 1 rocket launched :lol:

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