Peace with Aliens

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Re: Peace with Aliens

Postby vincenteam » Thu Jan 25, 2018 2:45 pm

Why can't we fear them ?

Not the best peacefull way, but if we can repulse them, We could avoid to kill them.

Maybe a special beacon , if the polution isn't to high they will leave after a raisonnable time. if not , they will attack to destroy the beacon.
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Re: Peace with Aliens

Postby KLennart » Sun Jan 28, 2018 4:14 pm

I do not like this idea. I do not think it contributes to anything. Instead I think the peaceful mode should be improved. No aliens at all, no weapon technology. This requires that weapon research bottle is not needed unless for weapon technology, and that yo move the handgranade feature of destroying forests to explosives.
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Re: Peace with Aliens

Postby usafphoenix » Thu Feb 01, 2018 4:53 am

This immediately reminded me of Age of Empires, when neutral AI would sometimes offer alliances. I think from the start of the game, they should attack you if you get close or create too much pollution, but if, by some midpoint of the game you haven't destroyed *too* many bases, and are careful about how quickly/significantly you impact the environment, you will be given the ability to research a tech tree that only opens up if the natives haven't gone from neutral to hostile already.
Meaning: you can't start off, kill a bunch of bases, then be like "okay, now lets be friends, i spend science packs to make you nice."
But: If you are careful early game, a time frame elapses or after certain research or builds are built, you are able to interact with, tame, or gain prestige/merit with the native alien life ---- then, and only then, can they be of any use to you. perhaps for tokens of some sort, they will trade artifacts (which may be required later in game either for research, other forms of trade, science, or for infusing armor with biological material that heals itself similar to the way biter bases do).

But i think it's important that *IF* it becomes possible to be friendly with natives, that they start off in a neutral state, and if they are angered, it is either nearly impossible, or not possible at all to make them your best friends by just researching a bunch of stuff. i feel like that would make it TOO easy. Either: you are destructive and become their enemy, or you are cautious and are then (and only then) able to research certain technologies and gain certain items. this would FORCE players to choose: do they want to get lots of resources quick, or do they not want to run the risk of generating too much pollution too fast, angering the wildlife, and killing the enemies----irreparably turning the wildlife against them forever. I think that last word *is* important as i've said before: it should be a tactical choice, and there should be consequences for too much pollution or killing biters: they should not forgive at all----or should take tremendous effort to regain their favor if the player was not mindful earlier in the game.
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Re: Peace with Aliens

Postby numgun » Sun Mar 04, 2018 7:04 pm

I'd be happy if I could recruit aliens to do work in my factory, either in mining/resource extraction or logistics/moving stuff.

First have tech to transition to green-tech to become a completely non-polluting factory. Restore the environment and absorb pollution.
Then have the tech to approach, communicate and interface with biters to team up with them and build things that help biters know what to do for me.

Later, being able to sculp the environment like a bonsai tree once peace and maximal production has been achieved. You know, to build a neat coexisting paradise/utopia city that gives all the resources to fund deep space exploration to make peace amongst the galaxy.

Also having an element of environmental protection of preserving trees could also be added, where the more trees I destroy past a certain threshold (200 trees), the more penalty for movement, reach and max health I suffer, with the character dying to asphyxiation without external life support and oxygen generators if less than 10 trees are left on the map.

For more elaborate suggestion regarding this that suggest a metagame that does not leave the player feeling hollow, see this:
  • I feel hollow after finishing a game of Factorio: THREAD LINK
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Re: Peace with Aliens

Postby ETM654 » Tue Mar 13, 2018 5:23 pm

I think it would be cool to get them to attack each other/ other players :twisted:
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