Blueprints and recipes in advance (shopping malls)

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Blueprints and recipes in advance (shopping malls)

Post by Talguy » Wed Mar 06, 2019 4:46 pm

So I'm a big fan of using malls. I have several blueprints which have all of the items in the game automated, just for the player (not for production) ( for example).
However when you start the game and place the blueprint, you're getting assembly machines without recipes.
The only real way to deal with this is splitting up blueprints so the mall is made up out of components.
Another solution is removing assembly machines without recipes and then replacing the blueprint.

This is tedious especially if you think about factorio being a game of automation.

It would be really awesome if there's a mod that would make a "to be researched placeholder" or something like that which has the recipe locked away behind science (not placeable by bots/player). When science is done(event?), the mod would check those placeholders to see if the recipe is available, and then convert the placeholder to a ghost.

Would such a mod be possible?

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