Swap input for fluids / Automatic input selection for fluids/liquids

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Swap input for fluids / Automatic input selection for fluids/liquids

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This is about the problem, that it is difficult to know for chemical processes, which needs more than 1 fluid input, which input for a refinery/chemical plant etc. is water, which is crude oil etc.

There are some suggested solutions:

Basically there are two options discussed:
A) Enable switching of the entries (for example with the R-key)
B) The devices chooses automagically, which input (and output) is the right one and internally changes the inputs intelligently.

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(Some threads into one! Discussion contains the essence of the both directions! This is also marked as more or less Forum-ready)
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Far related:
https://forums.factorio.com/forum/vie ... =6&t=10083 Additions to the fluid system
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