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Blueprint window interface improvements

Post by Mion » Wed Aug 14, 2019 8:08 am


It will be useful if blueprint window will get these functions:

- Press F2 to rename.
For example, when creating new blueprint, instead of moving mouse and clicking to "blueprint" for rename, pressing F2 button will make it faster.

- Press Enter to confirm blueprint creation.
For example, when you done creating blueprint, instead of moving mouse and clicking "green check" for confirmation, pressing Enter will make it faster.

- Clicking RMB on components of blueprint will make them like "ghosts" (not in blueprint, but in components array).
Currently if you click RMB on some component, it will disappear from components array, and all representations of this component in blueprint will be like "ghosts". It is not useful because if you want to return some component back to current blueprint, and this blueprint contains a lot of disappeared component items, you need click LMB on EVERY "ghost" item to return them all back. Alternatively you can cancel blueprint creating and starts new, but it is not useful too, because you can make some work for this blueprint already to this moment.

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