Tiny yet effective autonomous artillery outpost made by Spidertrons! Version 2 up!

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Tiny yet effective autonomous artillery outpost made by Spidertrons! Version 2 up!

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Just a fun yet useful autonomous artillery outpost made by stuff carried by 3 Spidertrons! It needs a bit of water for landfill and you are good to go! It has about 800 artillery shells made on site! Jump to 9:45​ for some artillery action...

Version 2 is up! you can see a video here:

List of changes
It is made even more autonomous! Specifically the amount of artillery shells made on site have doubled to 1.600!
Also energy efficiency have increased with a drop from 1,4 MW to about 0,5MW while idle and from 6,3MW to about 5,4 MW while making shells. This lead to increased time until it need to be resupplied, more than 200 hours for the nuclear fuel according to my estimations!
And not only it is more energy efficient but at the same time it makes artillery shells 50% faster, from 40/min before to about 60/min now! This increase makes it possible to not wait until you start firing, in the video i started firing right after most of the material i carried were unloaded!
The artillery units were increased to 3 increasing the rate of fire by 50% as well.
All of the above were made possible in the exact same space as before, no additional landfill is needed!

The increased autonomy means more materials used and more materials to be transported. So this version needs 5 spidertrons to carry them.

Bellow is a blueprint with both versions to try!

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