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Landfill blueprints over the EDGE of water bodies - It works with a shift-click!

Posted: Thu Mar 04, 2021 2:37 am
by JasonCurnow
I've always used Landfillblueprints to cover up lakes and bodies of water. That's great, but I was always frustrated that laying down a blueprint with landfill didn't work when you laid it down near the edge of the lake where your water meets your land. I've always just done the middle of the water with big blueprint chunks and ran around and did the edges manually, but I learned a new trick today!

You can SHIFT-CLICK while laying down a blueprint of landfill and it will allow you to overlap water and land and only lay down landscape over the water. I might have just missed this, but I've played for 2000+ hours and this is the first time I've figured this out.

Hope this helps others!