compact artillery outpost

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compact artillery outpost

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a small size (69x41) distant artillery outpost,
entities delivered by a single train (dual direction), train in image
artillery wagon stores more artillery shell so I used it (15 vs 100) instead of artillery turret. vertical artillery wagon is not part of train of course, it is stationary. it shoots just like a regular turret anyway.
the train station is disabled when nothing is needed. if ANYTHING is needed (calculated with circuit network) then station is enabled. train can be sent back after X sec of inactivity. it uses negative value and arithmetic combinator calculated filters.
power production is excess already (consumption is not that high) so it is stored in accumulators just in case trains are delayed/rail damaged etc.
train should be heavy enough to plow through biters at the gate or rails, that is what I have to test.
train schedule is simple, go to artillery station if enabled. stay until 15sec inactivity, go back to support center and fill everything. 1.1 train stop limit should make this handled a lot better so every station shall be identical and same.
slots of cargo wagon is filtered. I produce artillery shells on site which is cheaper to move them and also support with other ammo. power consumption is also very low (lowest possible).

my game is heavily modded so some entities/recipes are weird but ignore them, it should work for vanilla as well. if you need blueprint let me know, I shall try to remove entities and change recipes.


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Re: compact artillery outpost

Post by adam_bise »

Cheesy alternative:
cheesyart.png (495.58 KiB) Viewed 514 times

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