empty bucket on trigger (based on shishi-odoshi)

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empty bucket on trigger (based on shishi-odoshi)

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just a minor trick I wanted so show you. this is a design I shall use on my ore/oil outposts.


origin: I do not want to use electric network of my base for outposts and I shall not deliver steam to outposts with trains either, instead my outposts shall have this single NuclearReactor. in the screen you see a black train station (military support) which shall be activated only when outposts requires sth or has sth to send (for example used fuel cells) except ore/oil. I do not want to put a timer on trains like 5min but instead my military trains shall rush to the outpost station if enabled (something is needed). one example is delivering back the fuel cell. the circuit shall be simple, if there is anything to deliver back or sth needed then the station will be active and trains shall be deployed.

problem: used fuel cell. it shall be created once every 200sec. I do not want my train to rush to outpost for a single fuel cell. instead I want it like if it is over N then activate it. although it can be solved by check UFC > 50 it shall be a problem when loading to train (it can drop to 49 and station shall be disabled which I want to avoid for other reasons). above design is just an alternate solution to the problem.

anyway, basically what I need is a SR latch. if used fuel cell hits the magical limit then empty the bucket (make a train call). but SR latch is complex for this simple problem.

solution: above yellow belt loop. NR shall put an item every 200 sec and it shall be put on belt but blue belt splitter shall always prioritize on right input & left output. the belt in front on left shall check the chest (logistic network, could be circuit network). it shall stop if there is "any" in chest/logistic network. at this point all of the used fuel cells shall be sent to right since left is stopped. it shall fill the chest until the chest is emptied. in my design they shall be put into another chest to fill the train wagon which shall keep the train station active anyway. yellow belt loop shall continue as it is once the chest is empty.

the bucket size is the belt count in circle x4, around this value (can be made double by putting another splitter to use both lanes). it can be activated earlier of course but the blue belts spread the density and make space for the new comer item to prevent that. rarely it happens on a lower number but I have seen it happens on bucket at least half empty (bucket I call is the buffer in yellow belts). once belt lane is full then it shall empty the bucket for sure and until the train comes, all of the new items shall be put on chest.

other beneficial places: kovarex (u-235) or items you want to limit count to prevent a production line stop without a SR latch. (in my example it is equivalent to a SR latch of max 60, min3, there shall always 3 remaining on left belt which is fine)

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