Building a dumb smart reactor

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Building a dumb smart reactor

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Don't know if someone else already did that. But here is mine.
(2 reactor for testing reason. Im sure someone could come up with a standard 4 reactor design)
No combinators, deciders and such where harmed (used). Only a handful of red wires (you could use green if you prefer ;))


The design it not optimized on efficency but to be eyepleasing (in my opinion) :)
eg. removing one line of heat pipes, remoing ~ about 3-4 turbines or so.

Fuel inserter only work when depleted fuel cells are taken out of the reactor on a yellow belt (enough time to get 1 new fuel in the reactor)
The empty fuel cell will only be taken out, if steam is tank is under a specific amount (currently 20k combinend in the first upper and lower tank)
-> this needs testing if it is enough to not cool to much or waste cells (maybe someone can come up with a number)

currently still in testing phase but seems to work quit well. (running "smart" for 3h or something.)

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