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Early Game 60SPM (4 Sciences) Compact Base

Posted: Sun Nov 24, 2019 7:23 pm
by Guilwin
Hello Engineers!

I just wanted to show my latest creation: early game 60SPM base for the first 4 sciences.
It follows perfect ratios for 60 SPM, except when rounding up to a full machine and/or adding machines for direct input to another machine (like copper cable to green circuits or grenades to military science - I chose simple build over perfect ratios there).
I also added 1 machine for inserter assembling (and corresponding components for it) to help with "mall" usage early on.
The two lines of copper and iron are there to allow for this design to work also with blue assembling machines (though I'd be a bit short on iron if the additional inserter machine is running).
I'm sure it's nothing new but I was proud of it :)
Any comments are welcome!


Here is the blueprint:

And this is the blueprint without the additional inserter and power pole machines (it also removes 1 iron gear, 2 copper cable and 1 green circuit machines):