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"nice" (+vanilla) Train-to-Train (IronOre->Iron) smelting

Posted: Sun Jul 14, 2019 9:36 pm
by someone1337
All t2t smelters I have found so far, seem to use "ugly" hacks, like cars or mods to bridge the 1 tile gap when trying to smelt train to train.
I am not sure if I just missed the obvious and "nice" solution to this so far and why noone ever posts or talks about it anywhere.

Anyway, here is my solution to this problem. Its pretty trivial:
use long-hand-inserters + research all the stack inserter bonuses.

I tested the thruput with infinity chests, the long-hand-inserter is not a bottleneck with this setup.

edit: ignore the wires, they are optional, i use them to only enable stations that can fully fill/empty a train asap.