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[0.17] Ultra-compact construction mall (botless, progressively hand-buildable)

Posted: Wed Mar 06, 2019 12:08 am
by Italian Cuisine
Most malls that I see are these massive, one dimensionally sprawling, bus-and-tap behemoths. Having done the work to categorize all the ingredients into specific belts in 0.16 and build one more my style, I've now progressed in 0.17 to where it's ready to be served with the new version's changes:

mall-17.png (3.17 MiB) Viewed 2532 times
Screenshot with inserter arrows

I intentionally made this more two-dimensional, to fit more on screen and to be able to more easily reach any box within it. However, it's always easier to play with a long reach mod.

I play without aliens, trains, or logistic bots (I only use personal construction bots, hand-crafted from the mall's frames), so you can season to your own taste. Anything else not included is used in low quantities in my play style and is easy to craft by hand: I only ever use 7 fluid tanks, to measure liquids; and I use stack filter inserters far more than regular filter inserters, so I only bake the former. However, I do build modules in a separate area, as they require much larger feeds of circuits. This mall is perfectly fine getting everything done with just 1 belt of gears, and 1 lane of everything else (the iron plates in the upper left are split from the iron+circuit feed in the lower left), even when upgraded to blue belts and assembler3s.

It also includes chests to drop old yellow & red belts into, which will be consumed by the next step in the recipe. For all other older ingredients, like yellow inserters, I tend to only have a stack or so at a time, which can be Ctrl-clicked directly into the next assembler. There is room to add more chests for consuming old red undergrounds and splitters if needed.

This mall can be gradually built up from early game, starting with the lower left, skipping as-of-yet unneeded splitters, and filling it out as needed. I decided to snapshot this with level 2 assemblers and red belts, as that's fairly representative of the level at which you can really expand it. Obviously, earlier versions will be peppered full of power poles, while I show this after using substations for a more appetizing presentation. No blue underground length belts are needed, nor is any belt threading or annoying to hand-build design used.

It's difficult to annotate all the belt lane ingredients in the blueprint itself, but artisanally hand-crafting it with organic, locally sourced pollution-belching assemblers will need the picture for reference anyway. ;)

The lower left corner can be simplified a bit more if concrete comes in at the top left alongside batteries, but since brick and concrete tend to come from the same kitchen station, I belt them in together.

[Edit: I noticed an unused pair of underground belts by the large electric pole assembler. I removed them from the blueprint, but didn't re-screenshot.]

Re: [0.17] Ultra-compact construction mall (botless, progressively hand-buildable)

Posted: Sun May 26, 2019 11:41 pm
by raqi
I'm a new factorio player, just launched my first rocket after 20 hours. Now used my first blueprint, when upgrading the base, and thanks for this. It's amazing! :)

Re: [0.17] Ultra-compact construction mall (botless, progressively hand-buildable)

Posted: Mon May 27, 2019 12:38 pm
by mrvn
So far verry orderly.

But tanks? Rails? Signals? Trains? Combinators? Wires?

Re: [0.17] Ultra-compact construction mall (botless, progressively hand-buildable)

Posted: Fri May 31, 2019 7:48 pm
by Italian Cuisine
I covered the reasons for tanks/rails/signals in my post. I find my newer designs use fewer and fewer combinators and wires, especially since splitters are more powerful nowadays, I don't bother conserving electricity, and I like keeping everything stacked up with slight overproduction.

I am considering making an expanded version of the mall at some point, including bots/trains/circuits, but I want to finish optimizing & cleaning up my unbeaconed full science 0.17 setup first. Still quite a few tweaks left on that one.

Re: [0.17] Ultra-compact construction mall (botless, progressively hand-buildable)

Posted: Sat Jun 01, 2019 12:20 pm
by mrvn
I would build a second mall for those. Basically all my combinators are for train stations. You go through a lot of them to keep buffer chests and tanks balanced. And LTN adds a few more for controlling the stop.