Modular Refiner from basic oil to 182k petroleum

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Modular Refiner from basic oil to 182k petroleum

Post by Zonk » Wed Feb 27, 2019 9:23 am

As my refinerys where always of some online found blueprints it always growed to a mess as i had too less petrol or lube no space for growing and adding a 2nd layer resulted in 5 more piperows for water,crude, light, heavy and petrol which made a nice maze between train stations, storage tank and already existing parts.

Never ever again. Here is my go at a slightly overproduction of petroleum. (182.000 petroleum/minute)
Refinery 182k petrol.jpg
Refinery 182k petrol.jpg (349.55 KiB) Viewed 650 times
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The Book contains also a print without Beacons/Modules to be able to use it right from the scratch with basic oil.
Its added as txt as its too big for a single post

Possible build ups:
Do you really care how much petrol it makes with basic processing? Okay its 800/m and 12 flamethrower ammo.
With advanced oil processing there are the following options: 10k, 20k, 90k and 182k
Iam afraid that theres a big gap between 20k and 90k petrol but making a 2nd separate factory results in 40k which will be nicely betweeen if you really need more than 20k petrol and dont have enough modules. Just dont try to connect them anywhere except in Lube production and petroleum tanks.
The concrete is to show how much space the final Blueprint will be using. Keep in mind i only have added space for trainloading! No space for turning, trainbuffer or whatever.
Dont forget to calculate some space at the left side for crude oil/water-trainstations

I added Trainstations for left/right hand drive, Possible train/wagon ratios are 1/2 and 2/4. Just delete unwanted stations and its combinators.

Lube can be taken from both sides. Just remove the storage tank you dont want or double the numbers in the pumps. Else the storagetank you dont drain fill up and lubeproduction stops as the logic have a full storagetank of lube.

Rocketfuelproduction should be enough for 10+ trains but may need a while to build a big enough buffer. It just takes laughable 300petrol/m. Feeding Fuel with requesterchest would be more efficient but wont be avaliable at start and can easily be adjusted. Also i dont like bot based blueprints as i mostly place stuff in remote locations and forget about taking bots with me...
I didnt create a foolproof production of solid fuel with a automatically switch to rocketfuel for trains becasue you will be using nukefuel anyway and also because i couldnt come up with a foolproof idea :D.

The upper/ lower part each can work as a standalone only sharing connections in lube production and trainstation for petrol loading. So just build one half to save some ressources.

Here some raw data:
182k petrol/m @ 0 Lubricant/m
167k petrol/m @ 23k Lubricant/m
if feeding both sides with 1 pipe of crude oil
150k petrol @ 0 Lubricant/m
137K petrol @ 18k Lubricant/m
It requires 3500 solar panel in electric power to run smooth (a bit over 200MW)
It can sustain a 2/4 Train every 35-45 seconds with 100k petrol.

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