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Re: Some Dry Stuff

Posted: Tue Nov 05, 2019 9:28 pm
by Dry Hairy Tree
OK. 38 MW usage and pollution is holding - even receding a little.
Clean Green 03.jpg
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Changes made. Converted coal smelting to electric. Upgraded all assemblers from grey to blue (from 4/m pollution per machine down to 3/m). Got mining efficiency two so 20% less mining required. I definitely need more power to run 'clean', but the effect on pollution is noticeable in real time.

I figure though, once my tree pollution buffers are killed off the cloud will spread despite my efforts. Here is where the game might be improved if this is not in it anyway - There should be a recovery for trees that receive pollution under a specific unit/time threshold. In the real world trees are filters - up to a certain extent, and many will thrive in 'polluted' conditions provided it's not over the top.

I'm not sure I can get away with adding production, high tech and a rocket facility without problems running into me. Have to deal with the real world today but will think on it.

Further efficiencies could be gained by monitoring outputs and turning off portions of the factory when they're idle, but I suck at combinators so probably won't go that route. The exercise has had me looking at the details of each entity, and understanding the pros and cons of several a bit better, so there's that.

Re: Some Dry Stuff

Posted: Wed Nov 20, 2019 2:33 am
by Dry Hairy Tree
Well, I got greedy for more oil and my outpost was overrun when it polluted an alien base. Still, I learned a bit about the pollution mechanics and energy consumption - so no worries.

Been busy lately and when I start playing Factorio I feel guilty. This is a hangover from 'dealing with' depression a while back by clocking thousands of hours in Factorio... :shock: Obviously, I need to deal with the things I should deal with rather than avoid them.

Your level of anxiety may actually be directly correlated to the amount of responsibilities you are not responsibly managing. But do keep in mind the world is quite mad of late, and so some level of anxiety is possibly healthy, as opposed to blithely ignoring the warning signs to see fascism and desertification sweep the planet.

Elon Musk has the idea. He's gonna build a rocket and get off this planet. Where have we heard this before? Is he the ultimate avoider - or the ultimate man of action? :lol: