My campaign mission 1 base

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My campaign mission 1 base

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I'm excited because I just finished the 1st campaign mission (alpha)!

Here's my setup when I won. (sorry it's too big to be embedded!)

As you can see, it's a mess, with ad hoc insterters to split belts, belts built just to go into other belts, and underground belts saving the day from bad design decisions (which were unavoidable because I just can't imagine what the final result must look like).
Some tricks are necessary to get each type of item in a different lane of the belt, eg cogs left - chips right.

Everything is automated, from research to 2nd tier bullets, flamethrower fuel, and rockets. You can't actually see it, but all the ammo goes the right, where it is loaded onto one very long belt that goes from my base to the alien base entrance, so I can resupply on the spot.

It took me 3 hours and you can see that the resources are starting to deplete, there's little of them left. Alas, it is possible.
In fact you can see that my iron production is already dying.

Now that more technologies have been unlocked, I'm quite scared of what my next base will look like, or how much time it will take me to set it up :P

- You really have to automate everything, you'll never have enough rockets and flamefuel otherwise.
- (for this tech level) flamethrower is the best weapon against creepers. No matter how many of them there are, you use about the same fuel. But it's an offensive weapon only, because if you use it in your base you'll destroy it.
- If there was a secondary fire key, so I can flame and rocket at the same time, offensive operations would be a lot easier.
- I think that on finite maps such as the campaign ones, the resources should be denser, so as not to be depleted so easily.

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