factory using DyTech latest features

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factory using DyTech latest features

Postby Dysoch » Fri Nov 29, 2013 8:49 am

here is my factory, its a big design. (And BIG images)

This is station unloader/sorter. Everything flows thru here.

What happens is:

- they get quickly unloaded as the train stay no longer then 20 seconds. They go into the bigger chest(the largest)
Then they get placed on the sorting belt. The collectors(new items next to the belts) pickup sand and stone. The rest gets picked up at the end and placed in provider chests to be handled by the logistic network.

The sand and stone follows all the chest down where they get placed on the green belts (super fast belts)
There is my stone sorting place.

Stone gets picked up at the collectors, and placed on a separate belt. They follow the path down and 1/8 gets sorted in the logistic system, the rest goes in a separate storage to be handled later (havent build that part yet)
This is what i call a thunderdome ;)

Sand gets looped around to be picked up by the new advanced smelters. As the ores go into the requester chest. These belts can hold around 6-12k sand. A small portion goes to research (you can see thr belts near the train tracks)

NOTE, im writing the descriptions for it!
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