RSO PyMods Raw Coal

Replaces resource spawning system, so that the distances between resources are much bigger. Railway is needed then.

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RSO PyMods Raw Coal

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The most recent update to Py Raw Ores disabled coal from the starting area. When RSO is in use, the substitute (Raw Coal) does not appear as intended. A contributer to the mod pack mentioned that this would need to be fixed with an update to RSO. I can try to take a crack at it if there is a github where I could publish a pull request.

If the mod author isn't comfortable with that, I would like to request a fix when they have time.

EDIT: It just needs the following change in the pyrawores.lua (Anyone who needs this before the update can just copy paste it localy)

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	config["raw-coal"] = {
		spawns_per_region={min=1, max=1},
		size={min=20, max=30}, 
		starting={richness=8000, size=25, probability=1}

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Re: RSO PyMods Raw Coal

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Thanks for the info about Py Raw Ores change.
I applied the change to make raw coal spawn in start area and released a new version.

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