No AIMBot? plz...?

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No AIMBot? plz...?

Post by PanTobi »

Can u plz disable this AIMBot?...

It makes PVP and PVE in Factorio even worse...
Guns should shot where is mouse... and plz... 100% Hit ratio?

in other games you get BAN for using AIMBot and in Factorio u use it as normal feature?

1) remove "RANGE" for all weapons..
- "GUN": Ohh sorry i can't shot it, its out of my range
- "Player": plz... its 31 blocks away from us and Your range is 30 blocks...
- "GUN": Sorry, can't do this...
- "Player": Yeee right... 15m and 1 cm is too far away to make dmg... FOR A FKING MODERN GUN !...
- "GUN": Sorry, its not my bad...
- "Player": Yes it is wtf can't i just AIM little higher?...
- "GUN": Ugh... its 2D Game... how can u aim higher?...
- "Player": ohh ok, but Still your range is 15m, bow-s can shot further
- "GUN": But i have AIMBot :o...
- "Player": i don't like your AIMBot anywaa... i want to shot !!! not just hold one fking button

2) Remove AIMBOt + Reduce Magazine size
- "Player": Fuck we are dead... 50 enemy soldiers and we have only 1 magazine clip
- "GUN": Yeee with around 1000 bullets in it?...
- "Player": wtf... how? 1000 bullets in that small magazine
- "GUN": Let's call it "Magic" and don't worry i have AIMBot, its gonna be one bullet - one kill
- "Player": Ahh yee right, real life ppl die from one bullet
- "GUN": Ye i know im amazing !...
- "Player": More like stupid... what is fun in using AIMBot?... its even more stupid than Clicker games...
because in Clicker Games you have to click like stupid... in this You just hold one fking button... omfg...

3) Make guns "less" perfect
- "GUN": LOOK AT ME IM GUN !... Created by GOD !... UNBREKABLE, NEVER FAIL !...
- "Player": Yee, thats rly not fair, how You can shot 100.000.000 bullets without any fails?...
- "Player": so i'm God?... i crafted u...
- "GUN": Naa u dumb !... but im still perfect :3...
- "Player": O - M - F - G i crafted you on stand in my hands how the fuck You can even shot?...
- "GUN": Emm... Magic :o...

I remember times when Armors had Durability...
Why it was removed?...

i also remember times when i had chest full of Steel Axes xDDDDD
#HandMining :D

I want Zombies and Rocket Launchers Turrets BACK !...
it was fun to fuck with them xD, i remember my old factories, one ASM and one LAB + GUNS EVERYWHERE :OOO
Military in Factorio can be FUN :D well... its actualy one of things i do mostly in this game xD
My amazing Military:

but srsl. fix weapons and remove this fking AIMBot... Fighting in Factorio is fking boring

only ONE good weapon is Flamethrower...

Flamethrowers are OP
Flamethrowers shot where you point ( no fking AimBot )

+ Gosh you created real flamethrower :D
But i have one question...

Why TANKS shot with GAS FLAME but use same Ammo as Flamethrower that shot with FLUID FLAME?...
its same Ammo :x...

Factorio Staff
Factorio Staff
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Re: No AIMBot? plz...?

Post by Rseding91 »

Sorry but none of this is going to happen.

The game is and will always be built primarily for single player Freeplay scenario style gameplay. If PvP works that's a bonus but it's not required. It reallly sounds like you just want a standard shooter game and not Factorio - are you sure you're in the right game? :)
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Re: No AIMBot? plz...?

Post by Néomorphos »

you can just make a PvP mod disabling auto-aim, making it necessary to use the C key instead of the SPACE key

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