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Laser turret front facing

Posted: Mon Mar 14, 2016 6:13 pm
by mpl560
I think it would be nice thing to add a yellow arrow that indicates which side of the turret is a front.

When i was starting my experience with the game, i was very confused about which side of the laser turret is the front side.

I needed that information because the turret needs to aim at the aliens to shot, and to aim it needs to turn into proper position, i didnt want to place all of my turrets in wrong direction so they would need to take their sweet time to aim at those very fast aliens.

When i got more experience and learned to actually zoom in to figure out that there is this black cable coming out of the back side of the turret, there manifested next problem... if i zoom out i will surely not be able to tell which is front and which is back side.

While it is true that when i select the turret they all start in position of 0 degrees. But after switching between laser/gun turret, you lose this default facing. What i mean is that when i am starting to build the gun turrets then their default position is 0 degrees of course. However once i switch to laser turret then it's default position is that of the gun turret that i had in my hand a moment ago. This all sounds like... how come you can't remember which side was your gun turret facing moment ago. However in actual game it is not so easy to remember those details unless i am aware that i need to remember them.

Re: Laser turret front facing

Posted: Mon Mar 14, 2016 6:49 pm
by Roboovce
Correct me if its not right, but isnt laser turret able to shoot in full 360 degrees? :ugeek:

Re: Laser turret front facing

Posted: Mon Mar 14, 2016 7:39 pm
by Ext3h
After shooting, laser and gun turrets snap to the nearest 90° angle.

It doesn't even matter how you place them, they will always roughly point in the direction they last shot.

Re: Laser turret front facing

Posted: Mon Mar 14, 2016 8:32 pm
by ssilk
Not implementable (makes no sense).