[1.1.27] Crash on Alt-d when playing over steam stream (X11_DispatchEvent at SDL_x11events)

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[1.1.27] Crash on Alt-d when playing over steam stream (X11_DispatchEvent at SDL_x11events)

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I have a reproducible crash on the latest stable (1.1.27). When I play on my laptop (2012 macbook retina running OS X Catalina) using steam stream from my home PC (a home built PC (AMD) running Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS), it consistently crashes when I press Alt-D to get a deconstruction planner. The crash does not happen when I press Alt-D on the PC itself. Re-opening the save game using Steam Stream (from PC to laptop) and pressing Alt-D again crashes immediately in the same way. Given how stable Factorio always is, I was surprised I could even reproduce this.

The actual effect is a few seconds of a frozen game and then this error message
error.png (378.41 KiB) Viewed 225 times
I have attached the log file here. The save is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3gtw61ro1eni0qg/v1.zip?dl=0

Code: Select all

   0.000 2021-03-20 20:59:39; Factorio 1.1.27 (build 58240, linux64, steam)
   0.064 Operating system: Linux (Ubuntu 20.04)
   0.064 Program arguments: "/home/dennis/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Factorio/bin/x64/factorio" 
   0.064 Read data path: /home/dennis/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Factorio/data
   0.064 Write data path: /home/dennis/.factorio [110175/270261MB]
   0.064 Binaries path: /home/dennis/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Factorio/bin
   0.078 System info: [CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Eight-Core Processor, 16 cores, RAM: 32127 MB]
   0.079 Display options: [FullScreen: 1] [VSync: 1] [UIScale: automatic (100.0%)] [Native DPI: 1] [Screen: 255] [Special: lmw] [Lang: en]
   0.169 Available displays: 1
   0.169  [0]: DELL U2518D 25" - {[0,0], 2560x1440, SDL_PIXELFORMAT_RGB888, 60Hz}
   0.727 Initialised OpenGL:[0] GeForce GTX 1060 6GB/PCIe/SSE2; driver: 3.3.0 NVIDIA 450.102.04
   0.727   [Extensions] s3tc:yes; KHR_debug:yes; ARB_clear_texture:yes, ARB_copy_image:yes
   0.727   [Version] 3.3
   0.729 Graphics settings preset: very-high
   0.729   Dedicated video memory size 6144 MB
   1.445 Graphics options: [Graphics quality: high] [Video memory usage: all] [Light scale: 25%] [DXT: high-quality] [Color: 32bit]
   1.445                   [Max threads (load/render): 32/16] [Max texture size: 0] [Tex.Stream.: 0] [Rotation quality: normal] [Other: STDCWT] [B:0,C:0,S:100]
   1.696 [Audio] Backend:default; Depth:16, Channel:2, Frequency:44100; MixerQuality:linear
   2.025 Error GlobalModSettings.cpp:177: Failed to read mod settings: Map version 0.17.74-0 cannot be loaded because it is lower than the minimum input version (0.18.0-0).
   2.026 Loading mod core 0.0.0 (data.lua)
   2.124 Loading mod base 1.1.27 (data.lua)
   2.457 Loading mod base 1.1.27 (data-updates.lua)
   2.611 Checksum for core: 2219047882
   2.611 Checksum of base: 3777792092
   2.845 Prototype list checksum: 3034860339
   2.881 Loading sounds...
   3.154 Info PlayerData.cpp:73: Local player-data.json unavailable
   3.154 Info PlayerData.cpp:76: Cloud player-data.json available, timestamp 1616250847
   3.300 Initial atlas bitmap size is 16384
   3.336 Created atlas bitmap 16384x16384 [none]
   3.339 Created atlas bitmap 16384x13236 [none]
   3.339 Created atlas bitmap 8192x4188 [decal]
   3.339 Created atlas bitmap 16384x5568 [low-object, linear-minification]
   3.339 Created atlas bitmap 8192x4432 [mipmap, linear-minification, linear-magnification, linear-mip-level]
   3.340 Created atlas bitmap 16384x6064 [terrain, mipmap, linear-minification, linear-mip-level]
   3.340 Created atlas bitmap 4096x3216 [terrain-effect-map, mipmap, linear-minification, linear-mip-level]
   3.340 Created atlas bitmap 4096x1840 [smoke, mipmap, linear-minification, linear-magnification]
   3.340 Created atlas bitmap 4096x3104 [mipmap]
   3.341 Created atlas bitmap 8192x2240 [icon, not-compressed, mipmap, linear-minification, linear-magnification, linear-mip-level]
   3.341 Created atlas bitmap 8192x1496 [alpha-mask]
   3.345 Created atlas bitmap 16384x14768 [shadow, linear-magnification, alpha-mask]
   3.345 Created atlas bitmap 8192x2352 [shadow, mipmap, linear-magnification, alpha-mask]
   3.345 Created atlas bitmap 2048x240 [icon-background, not-compressed, mipmap, linear-minification, linear-magnification, linear-mip-level, ]
   3.353 Texture processor created (2048). GPU accelerated compression Supported: yes, Enabled: yes/yes. Test passed. YCoCgDXT PSNR: 35.83, BC3 PSNR: 33.82
   5.648 Parallel Sprite Loader initialized (threads: 15)
  11.658 Sprites loaded
  11.688 Generated mipmaps (4) for atlas [3] of size 16384x5568   
  11.696 Generated mipmaps (3) for atlas [4] of size 8192x4432   
  11.801 Generated mipmaps (3) for atlas [5] of size 16384x6064   
  11.816 Generated mipmaps (3) for atlas [6] of size 4096x3216   
  11.828 Generated mipmaps (3) for atlas [7] of size 4096x1840   
  11.851 Generated mipmaps (3) for atlas [8] of size 4096x3104   
  11.869 Generated mipmaps (5) for atlas [9] of size 8192x2240   
  11.873 Generated mipmaps (3) for atlas [12] of size 8192x2352   
  11.895 Custom mipmaps uploaded.
  12.073 Factorio initialised
  12.080 Steam Storage Quota: 3707/4768
  24.546 Loading map /home/dennis/.factorio/saves/v1.zip: 23644929 bytes.
  24.571 Loading level.dat: 65413657 bytes.
  24.582 Info Scenario.cpp:197: Map version 1.1.27-0
  26.312 Loading script.dat: 425 bytes.
  26.314 Checksum for script /home/dennis/.factorio/temp/currently-playing/control.lua: 1735894310
  99.237 Error CrashHandler.cpp:621: Received SIGSEGV
Factorio crashed. Generating symbolized stacktrace, please wait ...
Raw stacktrace: 0xd29ac7, 0xf0a7fd, 0xd814e5, 0xd81b71, 0xd81c29, 0x46210, 0x18b675, 0, 0x1d4f37b, 0x1d50959, 0x1ccb91d, 0x94e2fa, 0x13314a8, 0x1331a4e, 0x1331dc3, 0x133214e, 0x5c3ef2, 0, 0x5d483e
 111.065 Warning Logger.cpp:526: Symbols.size() == 27, usedSize == 18
#0  0x0000000000f0a7fd in std::__uniq_ptr_impl<LoggerFileWriteStream, std::default_delete<LoggerFileWriteStream> >::_M_ptr() const at /home/build/gcc-9.2/include/c++/9.2.0/bits/unique_ptr.h:154
#1  0x0000000000d814e5 in std::unique_ptr<LoggerFileWriteStream, std::default_delete<LoggerFileWriteStream> >::get() const at /home/build/gcc-9.2/include/c++/9.2.0/bits/unique_ptr.h:353
#2  0x0000000000d81b71 in std::unique_ptr<LoggerFileWriteStream, std::default_delete<LoggerFileWriteStream> >::operator->() const at /home/build/gcc-9.2/include/c++/9.2.0/bits/unique_ptr.h:347
#3  0x0000000000d81c29 in Logger::flush() at /tmp/factorio-build-l64iNv/src/Util/Logger.cpp:566
#4  0x0000000000046210 in Logger::logStacktrace(StackTraceInfo*) at /tmp/factorio-build-l64iNv/src/Util/Logger.cpp:552
#5  0x000000000018b675 in GlobalContext::getMap() at /tmp/factorio-build-l64iNv/src/GlobalContext.cpp:2048
#6  (nil) in CrashHandler::writeStackTrace(CrashHandler::CrashReason) at /tmp/factorio-build-l64iNv/src/Util/CrashHandler.cpp:188
#7  0x0000000001d4f37b in CrashHandler::commonSignalHandler(int) at /tmp/factorio-build-l64iNv/src/Util/CrashHandler.cpp:623
#8  0x0000000001d50959 in CrashHandler::SignalHandler(int) at /tmp/factorio-build-l64iNv/src/Util/CrashHandler.cpp:638
#9  0x0000000001ccb91d in ?? at ??:0
#10 0x000000000094e2fa in ?? at ??:0
#11 0x00000000013314a8 in ?? at ??:0
#12 0x0000000001331a4e in X11_DispatchEvent at /tmp/factorio-build-l64iNv/libraries/SDL2/src/video/x11/SDL_x11events.c:910
#13 0x0000000001331dc3 in X11_PumpEvents at /tmp/factorio-build-l64iNv/libraries/SDL2/src/video/x11/SDL_x11events.c:1455
#14 0x000000000133214e in SDL_PumpEvents at /tmp/factorio-build-l64iNv/libraries/SDL2/src/events/SDL_events.c:669
#15 0x00000000005c3ef2 in SDL_WaitEventTimeout at /tmp/factorio-build-l64iNv/libraries/SDL2/src/events/SDL_events.c:695
#16 (nil) in WindowHandler::pollEvent(CompactDeque<Event>&, bool) at /tmp/factorio-build-l64iNv/src/Graphics/SDLWindow.cpp:871
#17 0x00000000005d483e in SDLWindow::pollEventInternal(bool) at /tmp/factorio-build-l64iNv/src/Graphics/SDLWindow.cpp:52
#18 (nil) in SDLWindow::pollEvent(Event&) at /tmp/factorio-build-l64iNv/src/Graphics/SDLWindow.cpp:57
#19 0x000000010b396e08 in GlobalContext::nextEvent() at /tmp/factorio-build-l64iNv/src/GlobalContext.cpp:272
#20 0x00007fcdbe6d837c in MainLoop::processAllegroEvents(bool) at /tmp/factorio-build-l64iNv/src/MainLoop.cpp:741
#21 0x000000010b397484 in MainLoop::prePrepare() at /tmp/factorio-build-l64iNv/src/MainLoop.cpp:576
#22 0x8000000000000004 in MainLoop::mainLoopStep(WorkerThread&, MainLoop::HeavyMode) at /tmp/factorio-build-l64iNv/src/MainLoop.cpp:665
#23 (nil) in MainLoop::run(Filesystem::Path const&, Filesystem::Path const&, bool, bool, std::function<void ()>, Filesystem::Path const&, MainLoop::HeavyMode) at /tmp/factorio-build-l64iNv/src/MainLoop.cpp:394
#24 0x00007fcdbe5fb96a in main at /tmp/factorio-build-l64iNv/src/Main.cpp:1141
#25 0x000000000427bd30 in ?? at ??:0
#26 0x0000000004550800 in _start at ??:?
Stack trace logging done
 120.519 Warning Logger.cpp:526: Symbols.size() == 22, usedSize == 17
 120.519 Error CrashHandler.cpp:189: Map tick at moment of crash: 13525582
 120.519 Error Util.cpp:97: Unexpected error occurred. If you're running the latest version of the game you can help us solve the problem by posting the contents of the log file on the Factorio forums.
Please also include the save file(s), any mods you may be using, and any steps you know of to reproduce the crash.
 210.208 Info SystemUtil.cpp:547: Started /usr/bin/xdg-open; trampoline PID: 6938
 210.209 Uploading log file
 210.227 Info SystemUtil.cpp:547: Started /home/dennis/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Factorio/bin/x64/factorio; trampoline PID: 6939
(8.75 KiB) Downloaded 9 times

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Re: [1.1.27] Crash on Alt-d when playing over steam stream (X11_DispatchEvent at SDL_x11events)

Post by ptx0 »

tbh it looks like it's perhaps an issue in how SDL is being called, so i wouldn't blame factorio here. it's just the crappy nature of the X protocol with all of its hackjob extensions.

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