[0.18.40] Crash with handling blueprints

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[0.18.40] Crash with handling blueprints

Post by schoos76 »

Hi devs,

I've experienced another crash, this time while I was trying to place my basic mining blueprint over an iron ore field - and having some bots work on it - placing maybe placing powerpoles and removing trees and rocks. I was testing the new tiling feature for the blueprint, maybe overlapping caused the issue?

Blueprint was picked from quickbar, as far as I'm aware no copy of the BP in my inventory, but going directly to the BP library.

factorio-current.log and the most recent outsave is attached, it seems there is no crashdump this time
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Re: [0.18.40] Crash with handling blueprints

Post by Rseding91 »

Thanks for the report. This is fixed in the next release.
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