[0.18.32] Map desync after loading replay

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[0.18.32] Map desync after loading replay

Post by Vainock »

When I try to load the replay of my game I directly get a prompt that the map desynced.
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I have replaced the Windows username with * to not leak my full name.
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Re: [0.18.32] Map desync after loading replay

Post by boskid »

Thanks for the report. I was able to reproduce this desync with following steps:
1/ New map in SP with replay
2/ save file
3/ transfer file to MP server for hosting
4/ host that save file. I was using auto_pause=false but should not be important. My player name was NOT in adminlist.
5/ as a client, join MP. This should make replay continue
6/ Save game from a client
7/ Run replay - it will desync shortly after player joins.

From what i found, issue is around admin flag. When map is hosted, server synchronizes admin permissions but this does not produce required input actions for a replay. That way during play first player is considered to be non admin (server removed that permission), but when trying to replay, there are no traces player lost admin flag (there is in PlayerJoinGame but is ignored and its already late) and so there is desync. By updating admin flag when player joins i was able to run replay of that file. However i do not want to touch replay system, maybe other dev will want to fix that particular issue.

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